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Whether you meet each other here or there,

We will eventually become intimate if it's our fate!

And then when we get closer,

The day when we get to know each other will come,

and the day when you step on me will


Wonseock is one of the three members of the K-pop group 'SMS' in 'Love Unholyc'. He is not directly involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with him will not fully raise their relationship with him.


Wonseock is the same height as Jung Hi. He has brown hair with a choppy front fringe. His eyes are a similar colour to his hair. His eyes remain closed. Wonseock wears big, red headphones connect to his phone around his neck. Underneath a blue and black bomber jacket is a light blue sweater over the top of a crisp white shirt. He wears a red tie untucked from the sweater. His pants are a navy blue colour.


Character Level

  1. Close Acquaintances
MobilePhone.jpg Mobile Phone

Fans know that Won Seock wears headphones because he feels good about disconnecting himself from the world, but in fact, he tends to use headphones because it allows him to listen to things that others wouldn't look so kindly upon.


WonseokLaugh.jpg Laughter

Hahaha, hi! I'm in charge of the jokes, rapping and M in the group. If you ask me what M is...Hahaha, I'm pretty sure you understand***?

WonseokAngry.jpg Angry

This isn't the time to be laughing***is that all you've got?! Get serious!

WonseokExcite.jpg Excitement

I don't require much. Just***do it stronger. I can't feel anything right now anyways.


Audition Mania

Won Seok and his friend were at a café, and the conversation was Won Seok and his last audition. Of course, it did not go well with Won Seok walking out halfway through. For his fourth audition in a row now. Won Seok was looking for something more. His friend suggested Megahit Entertainment, that had auditions coming up. He warned Won Seok they were considered Hellish. This had Won Seok claim to go for it and he left the café.

Won Seok entered the audition hall when he was called in. He was looking forward to this audition. Applicants watched him as he walked in and started to talk. “The next victim is in…This is hell. Way too hard…I’m going home…Mom…”The applicants who took the first test looked at Won Seok with tears in their eyes. After an hour. Won Seok burst out of the audition with a big smile.

Won SEok looked refreshed as he came out of the audition room. A reporter in charge of the reviews of the notorious “Mega Hit Entertainment” audition approached Won Seok. “You came out of the first test, can you tell me how you felt?”

“I feel happy! Unlike other companies, they really make us suffer!”

“***And that made you happy? Are you saying you’re happy to come out alive?”

“Yes, I’m happy! I heard the next test would be even worse. Ah***I hope I can take the exam as soon as possible***!”

The next test had applicants around Won Seok speaking up once more. “I just want to give up***even hell is better than this place***They’re demons***this is where demons live***”

Won Seok however was not pleased. “Why did they kick me out? Maybe they didn’t like my dance? I only danced for 5 hours though*** Why on earth did they ask me to go out??”

Everyone turned to look at Won Seok. After the second audition, Won Seok was sweating profusely but more importantly, he was confused. The second audition, called Hell-tier, was an audition made to make people dance until they collapsed from exhaustion. It was an infmaous audition where even reporters got tired from merely looking at the audition itself. A reporter approached Won Seok and asked Won Seok a few questions. It was obvious that Won Seok looked unhappy.

The long-awaited final third audition.

It was an audition to test mental and physical strength of the applicants. A world famous choreographer was present to point out even the smallest mistakes. Ambulances were waiting outside, and participants were seen sobbing and being carried away. Won Seok was in the crowd. He became more and more excited as the choreographer pointed out his mistakes***

Ted: Stop*** Enough is enough***

Eventually, boss Ted of <Megahit Entertainment> had to beg Won Seok to stop. After the audition. Won Seok left the audition hall with a sullen look. The reporter carefully called up Won Seok for an interview. “Um…Contestant number 27, Mr.Won Seok…?”


“You’ve taken the final exam now***How do you feel now?”

“I’m sad.”

“Pardon? You’re a most unusual participant. Please tell me why you’re sad.”

“I thought I could fall like the other kids and be taken away by the ambulance. They stopped me again.”

The reporter looked astonished. Won Seok smiled at the reporter. “But I saw hope. The real hardship begins after you get into Megahit Entertainment. Because there are fans who only look up to you and that’s why it gets harder and harder down the road. Until the moment you quit being an Idol, you will always find it hard to go on. It’ll be painful as well, but that’s exactly why being an idol is important and priceless.”

Won Seok bowed his head once more and left Megahit Entertainment. The reporter stared blankly at his back and mumbled. “***He’s a monster***”

Won Seok proudly passed Megahit Entertainment with flying colors. He even got a cool nickname: The Monster.

“We shouldn’t slack around during practice! So please make this practice schedule tighter than it is now! Please make it harder for me!! Please be more cruel!! I beg you!!”

This is how his life as a legendary trainee began.

Is Won Seock Being Bullied?

Ted was having a meeting with Won Seok. There was concerns of bullying and Ted planned to find out if Won Seok really was being bullied. It was not just Ted that had these concerns but other staff members as well. Ted was unsure how to bring it up. The other member that seemed to be bullying Won Seok was Aiden.

Won Seok was smiling strangely when he asked Ted if he was in the meeting to be scolded. After being asked many times by Won Seok if he was in the meeting to be scolded Ted bluntly asked him if he was being bullied. Then spoke that it was Aiden that appeared to be doing the bullying.

Won Seok smiled again. He told Ted to have no worries and that Aiden was a nice guy. He also told Ted that the pair of them got along really well. Ted was left confused and more questions, so, instead of going home he went to the practice hall.

Aiden: I told you to raise your left arm, not your right arm! Why do you keep raising your arm? Right. Left. Can’t you tell something as simple as this apart? And why are you so limp? I bet even bugs can dance better that you! Don’t just shake your body while you’re dancing. Are you kidding me?! Do it again. Idiot!! You should have raised your right arm just now!! If you’re going to dance like that, you’d be better off shaking your limb while bungee jumping!

Ted’s face darkened when he heard Aiden’s speech getting increasingly violent and insulting.

Aiden: Forget your arms move your legs. You idiot!! You should be ashamed to be alive if that’s all you can do. Cut it out right now! Get out!! You stupid pig!! Aiden’s voice rang out into the hallway. Ted: ***. I can’t take it anymore.

Eventually, Ted opened the door to the practice room. Ted: **. Huh? What he saw was strange. Won Seok should have been extremely sad and dejected but he was staring at Aiden with an angry look on his face. Ted: Aiden***you’ve finally crossed the line***! In the end, you’ve upset our angelic Won Seok!! Normally Ted would have stopped them, but he decided to leave them alone and watch. Ted: It’s because Aiden is being to hard on Won Seok. He has to understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Ted leaned against the wall and got ready to watch the events unfold.

Won Seok: Aiden. Won Seok finally spoke up. Won Seok: Why can’t you do what I asked you to do?!

Ted: ***? Ted’s eyes widened in shock.

Won Seok: I made a mistake and I did something pathetic and terrible!! Why can’t you scold me even more!! Harder! You need to insult me!! Make me cry!

Ted: ??

Won Seok: That’s not enough right now! Not enough!!

Ted was speechless. What is going on right now*** He couldn’t understand what was going on.

Jung HI: Daddy! When did you come??

Ted: Ha, HI...It’s...It’s not***

Jung Hi: Daddy, are you surprised? Don’t worry too much about those two~!

Ted: Don’t worry about it?

Jung Hi: Yes! If Aiden doesn’t do that, Won Seok will get mad.

Ted: Won Seok will get angry? What do you***you mean***?

Jung Hi: Won Seok wants to get scolded and insulted~ He’s a typical M. If Aiden doesn’t scold him, it gets out of hand. You haven’t seen a lot of our practices, have you? Dereliction of duty!

Ted: No, I don’t watch because I believe in you guys but...

Jung Hi: Daddy~ Please pay attention to your sons~!

Ted: Well, that’s not...!

Jung Hi: I’m kidding. They’re not fighting right now. They’re playing. Acting!

Ted: ***They’re playing***

Jung Hi: For your information, he’s playing this game where Aiden called Won Seok a pig then Won Seok~

Ted: Stop...! I don’t thing I need to know more*** Ted stopped Hi in the middle of his sentence. He laughed quietly to himself. Ted: Oh..oh, my... If you guys aren’t fighting that’s good enough for me. it..? I don’t think so but**, Whatever*** Ted mumbled as he swept up his bangs.

Won Seok: Aiden! Drive me into a corner! Make me scared!

Aiden: Are you ordering me now? How dare you? Why don’t you beg me!

Won Seok: Do it, I beg you! That wasn’t enough***! More! Don’t go easy on me!! Suddenly, Won Seok glared at Aiden. Won Seok: Aiden..more..!

Aiden blushed and smiled in return.

Won Seok: Please, Aiden..!

Ted: ... Ted took a step back. He didn’t want to see it any more. He turned around. Ted had only one thought in his head. Ted: I need to get out of here!

Jung Hi: Daddy! Get home safely!

Ted ran out of the practice room without even saying bye to Hi.

Won Seok: Aiden..! Please don’t go easy on me!! He tried his best to ignore Won Seok’s desperate plea that rang out from the practice room.

The Role of a Leader

Leo, Sol and Jung Hi were all at Ripeto having a discussion when Leo asked Jung Hi how Won Seok became the leader of the group. He stated that Jung Hi had the most fans and Aiden was the oldest so it left him wondering how the choice was made. Jung Hi of course stated it simply that Won Seok was the scariest of them all.

Jung Hi went into more detail that Won Seok will not avoid criticism, won’t make excuses and accepts what people say. Leo and Sol, misunderstanding Jung Hi stat that the maturity of those behaviours would make him a good leader.

It was once more Jung Hi trying to explain what he meant. Trying to use the story of when Won Seok was scolded for four hours by Ted. The scolding was not for anything major either. Jung Hi also stated that Ted now avoids scolding Won Seok. Then he tried to explain the story of what happened in detail.

Won Seok: Sir! Not enough!!!

Ted: What the hell...What do you want, Won Seok? Ted had tears in his eyes.

Won Seok: Boss, you lack anger! Your anger doesn’t contain sincerity! Please be sincere. Make me believe that you want to make me suffer more!

Ted: Why would I make you suffer!

Won Seok: I’m a very bad guy! I need self-reflection!! A very serious self-reflection***!!

Ted looked at the Won Seok. His eyes were glistening to an excessively. Won Seok was happy that Ted was glaring at him.

Won Seok: I only practiced four times as much as others! Yesterday, I thought about something else for two minutes before going to bed! I’m deserved to be scolded. You’re the only one who can change me. You have to punish me for my mistakes!

Ted: ***...

Won Seok: Sir! Now!!! It’s time to make me cry...!!

Ted was startled as Won Seok begged him as he gripped the bottom of his trouser. Ted: lazy bastard. Now go reflect on what you’ve done.

Won Seok: That’s not it, boss! Stronger! You need to insult me!

Ted: Why the hell do I need to do that?

Won Seok: Boss, are you just going to let me off the hook? Hit me!!

Ted: Stop it you crazy bastard!

Won Seok: That’s it, boss! Good job! Here we go!

Jung Hi: After four hours of talking, boss Ted got a call that he was late for a meeting. That’s how it ended~

Sol: ***So that’s what you meant when you said he was scolded for 4 hours.

Leo: How is that scolding***?

Jung Hi: Well, Won Seok was scolding daddy if you ask me~! Because daddy wasn’t scolding him~

Ted: ***You’re not normal.

Won Seok: You’re doing great, boss. Don’t give up. You need to draw out more of your anger***! Let’s go!!!

Ted shook his head furiously and rose from his seat. Ted: This***you don’t understand what I’m telling you right now.

Won Seok: Phew... Just as Won Seok turned around to tell Ted something.

Ted: A phone call!!! That’s right! I have a meeting...! Won Seok! I’m late for the meeting! I have to get going! Hahahaha Ted was late for the meeting but he was happy that he could finally leave the room.

Won Seok: What a shame.... Won Seok mumbled under his breath. Hi approached Won Seok and said.

Jung Hi: Won Seok, daddy has scolded you already~!

Won Seok: ...No, it’s not enough yet.

Jung Hi: Uh, yeah...?

Won Seok: Yeah, Hi! You scold me more!!!

Jung HI: ? Jung HI: Anyway, so!! Aiden and I think Won Seok is the scariest~! People say M is even scarier than the most S~! When I see Won Seok, I think I understand why people say that~!

Sol: ***I do as well.

Leo: Phew... Won Seok...Let’s not prevoke him.

Sol: Good idea.

Jung Hi: He’s a good person though~! You should be friends with him~!

Sol: ...

Both Leo and Sol thought Won Seok was a good person. But...They couldn’t imagine being friends with him. Seeing Hi talk and befriend someone as scary as Won Seok while smiling as happily as he was, Leo and Sol also thought that Hi was scary as well







  • The name of his K-pop group, 'SMS', came from himself. Originally, it was going to be 'SM'S', taking into consideration their sexual desires, however Wonseock changed it to SMS (as in phone message) because they are like everyone's boyfriends as to appease Ted.
  • Wonseock is a Masochist