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The butler of the main character. Though he always nags the main character out of love, he is willing to die for her nevertheless. Though only the elites are able to become 'butlers', William is considered to be the cream of the top even amongst the butler association.

William has taken care of the main character on behalf of her parents since childhood. Loyalty to the master is unquestionable, but respect is infinitely converging on zero. He always spits out spiteful remarks of affection to his master, who is not a good enough Unholyc, but in case of emergency, he tries to protect her by at least risking his life. Although he leads a nannie life more than a butler, he is the elite among the elite who are unrivaled in their abilities as an Unholyc.


Glovesmini.png Rubber Gloves

Good, tough rubber gloves makes WIlliam happy. When they are no longer able to be used, William would be visibly sad as he would say that 'they have done the best they could'. Pierce calls this 'the rubber glove funeral'.

Penguinmini.png Animal Doll

Anyone who knows about William will say that his hobby of collecting cute dolls doesn't suit his image or personality. However, he always says that 'after living for an eternity, you become this way'.

Glassesmini.png Glasses

Although his eyesight is not bad, he started wearing glasses so that his young master would get scared of his sharp expression. Though he did wear glasses in his youth, that was only because he didn't want to look upon the 'pathetic creatures'. He purposely got prescription for his glasses so that the world would be blurry.

Butler Help

If you tap on me, your trusty butler, you'll be able to go into the <Help Butler> mode. This is the most important thing in the game if I do say so myself.

In 'Help Butler' mode, the user can obtain goods in one of two ways: watching ads or breaking achievements. The user can also obtain products by breaking achievements.


  • 'Now is the only time you can help me.'
  • 'I don't say this to you often but ・・・please help me.'
  • 'I'm not asking for your help. I'm begging for it.'
  • 'I'll treat you nicely if you help me.'
  • 'Thank you for helping me.'
  • 'We locked eyes just now and you know it. Come help me out.'
  • 'I wish you would help me.'
  • 'Are you busy? Well, I'm busier so help me out.'
  • 'I won't say no if you want to help out.'
  • 'If you're not busy, would you mind lending me a hand?'
  • 'You're going to help me? Thank god, that's good news.'
  • 'I said my thanks so please help me.'


LiamLaugh.jpg Laughter

Haha Master. Do you have the power to control time as well? Then why did the room I cleaned end up looking the same as before in 1 hour? Haha. How fun.

LiamSurprise.jpg Surprised

Master...A gift for me...? By any it not the 21st century but the 23rd century? Did my master age by hundreds of years without me realizing it? How surprising.

LiamSad.jpg Sad

Haa...Master, you know what? It feels like I'm doing twice as many chores since my body got smaller. Cleaning and washing feel bigger because of my small hands and feet...Ah...You're not interested? I understand...

LiamAngry.jpg Angry

There are people who have to experience it themselves to know whether something is scary or spicy. Those people need to be hit. The only person allowed to have such stupidity is my master.

LiamExcitement.jpg Excitement

It seems that my 300-year-old body hasn't changed at all from bac then. And back then...I was quiet vigerous. If you're curious, would you like to try?

LiamVeryExcite.jpg Very Excited

Master, if you continue to tempt me just because my body turned into this...Let me personally show you that my actual age is over a few hundred years old and that I have more than enough experience.

Sub Stories

The joy of parenting

This story starts with William pulling weeds on a sunny day. He was complaining that chores seemed to have double since his body size is much smaller, but with his typical mood he decides it is not bad living a life of duty. He then contradicts the statement that his master lives a life filled with indolence and neglect. However, he then agrees that Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. William then thinks of how Pierce has his hands full with Shallotte and all her adventures. William continued to try and comfort himself. It was then he noticed a man leaving a package on the doorstep.

"Oh Hi kid!" The postman does not recognize William in his current form and continues to speak asking where Mir or William are. William knew he did not need to confuse the postman and kept up the act of an innocent kid and told the postman that William told him to accept the package for him. This conversation had the postman rub William on the head, and William held himself back from twisting the postman's hand and gave a smile asking what the package was. William learns it was for Mir and it was a prize for winning a competition. A video game tournament to be exact. When did Mir leave the house?

William compared it to a well fed hamster with a clean cage and finding out the hamster still left. Of course it was okay if Mir went out, she was a full grown woman. However it was Black Sabbath! Thought the prize package stated the prize was from a few days before the Black Sabbath, William's memory knew that Mir had forgotten the Black Sabbath and coming of age ceremony. Which of course means if he did not remind her, she would have left the house again without telling him.

Mir then finds William deep in thought. William hands the package to Mir who is excited they won. They got a special DLC, game coupon and a trophy. Mir was excited but William was disinterested. In fact William was upset that Mir remembered and practiced for the competition but could not remember the important things like the Black Sabbath and coming of age ceremony. Mir explained that they play the games because of William and laughed while William got upset. After stomping to her room to play games William smiled.

It was not the first award for a game competition Mir had won, so William did not understand why she liked it so much. He believed she should win all the amateur competitions due to her talent. He believed the officials at the competitions were stupid and should have started the competition with Mir's name on it already. William opened the package and took the trophy out. He admired the trophy in his hands. After admiring it he took a clean cloth and wiped all the finger prints off it. He then started to decide where to place the newest addition. Little did William know, Mir watched him in secret as he smiled.

William's Unholyc Lecture

As normal WIlliam enters Mir's room, states he is coming in while knocking on the door and Mir calls him out on doing the wrong order. William passes it off that it was more important he said it. He then states he came in to take out Mir's trash and laundry. Mir goes back to gaming and ignoring William's presence.

After collecting all he could he stood behind Mir watching her. He could not see her expression but just from the cute back of her head he knew how focused she was and for the moment decided to watch her.

Mir suddenly turned around, making eye contact with William. Then proceeds to ask a question. Mir wanted to know more about herself. William wanted to know why the sudden question while gaming but saw there was an in-game chat open on her screen. Mir explains they can not join a guild unless she is blood type B. The reason is they want players who are determined and driven.

William explained that blood types have nothing to do with personality and that Unholyc's do not have blood types. Because their ancestor is Asmodeus they only have one blood type. Mir gets excited about blood transfusions and William reminds Mir they have acme. SHe was about to respond and he used his hand to close it. William states he know understands that she needs more information not just about herself but with Unholycs as a whole. He prepared himself with sleeves rolled up just like a teacher.

Finger raised he starts of suggesting he start off with blood since Mir brought it up. He goes on about how they are ancestors of Asmodeus and that there exist other devils as well. Devils that get involved with humans are lower class, the ones that are considered kings or high levels have no interest in humans or thier world. Making Asmodeus special and because of that Unholycs were born.

Mir questioned if it was because Asmodeus was bored. William quipped that not everyone lived like Mir, who chuckled in response. William continued to state that because of who he was they had familiars that watched over them. Mir then states they do not have one, and asked William if he was one. Which he was not. He then states they are like the crows during Black Sabbath. They protect Unholycs from other devils. Mir questioned why other devils would be after Unholycs who came from devils. William explains that they are devils and have no side. William was proud as he explained more. Mir was starting to speak more and William was unaware that his master could have impure thoughts even in his dreams.

Mir ends it with how they can not join the guild since they are not blood type B and was excited to state she should state she had not blood type. WIlliam stops her from exposing Unholycs. He explains that they are beyond human understanding. He then explains a change is in the air due to an unbalance. Since Mir was born things happened like the three oldest witches appeared again. Williams start explaining about a meeting due to a prophecy between witches and Unholycs. A treaty was signed between them to prevent the creation of an idealistic world between themselves.

Mir then tells the guild she can not join and seems upset. William asks why and Mir explains that there is a raid coming up that only players in a guild with more than one can join. William then asks if 2 is enough and tells Mir to let him know what server and he would join in ten minutes. He then left the room with trash and laundry in hand.

A Smiling Master and a Heartbroken Butler.

William enters his Master’s room only to realize she is not there. He panics that he is getting forgetful but then remembers that she does stay in 350 out of 365 days of the year. Then he grumbles at the thought she left to be with the humans. He then gets upset with the state of her room. How ungrateful her and the humans are. He then looked around the random things in his master’s room, all things he bought. He did not feel bad he spoiled her. Her potential as an Unholyc was limitless. Being able to attract three men the first time she goes out. William then thinks it is not that bad she plays video games.

While cleaning William finds clothing that is out of season, and he knows he cleans this room daily. He then starts to wonder if she does it on purpose. He then starts to find items, like a cup that used to be very colorful, and he thought of all the things she would drink from it. Except his tea. William then found a controller that she broke and he had to glue together for her, when he was on his way to bed. He was proud to be the one to repair it. William started to get lonely as he finished cleaning.

Someone knocked at the front door and William hoped it to be his master but it was Zenon who was visiting. Zenon right away noticed the disappointment in William’s eyes and spoke to him about it. He also knew right away the cause, Mir was not around. Zenon smiles as he speaks of how time flies and that Mir who was soon to have her coming-of-age ceremony. Then he asked if William would allow his master to become independent.

William started questioning the independence Zenon spoke of. The conversation between them was how William seemed to assume that he would be butler to his master for all eternity, without asking Mir’s thoughts on the matter. William used how Pierce was still with grown up Shallotte. Zenon claimed that to be a special case. Zenon then asked William if his master wanted to be independent. And William had no answer. He wanted to always be by her side and protect her.

At that moment, the door opened with a swing and his master appeared, blowing out of her nose like an angry bull. “Liam!!!” Mir was super excited and even forgot to take off her jacket as she ran over to William, starting to trip in the process causing William to hug on to her. Mir then explains the game is super rare and only given to the first 5 in line. Then explained how she used her power to seduce the people to get to the front of the line. As she finished explaining she sneezed.

William started telling Mir that using her powers when immature had draw backs. Then as the sneezing got worse he told her she caught a cold. William got a blanket and put it around Mir as Zeon then makes his presence known. Mir greets him before he leaves so as to not catch the cold himself.

William then carries Mir upstairs to her bed. Mir is shocked with how clean her room is and comments on it. Mir then explains that she bought the game so just her and William will play it. William feeling lighter in his heart told her no games until her eyes are no longer red. Mir states she thinks that red eyes, especially on William are pretty.

William then pulls the blanket up and states, “Not only when you’re by my side but even if you go somewhere else, I will always be your butler, William: and master will always be William’s master.” He kisses her forehead giving acme at the same time and exits the room.

Tea Battle!

It was a normal afternoon for William with Shallotte visiting, and of course Pierce. The topics went from Pierce following Shallotte like a puppy, to not being mature enough and finally to tea making skills. Well, lack of tea making skills. While the argument continued it was Pierce that suggested a tea making competition. William thought it would be bothersome. Pierce egged him on with his size until William agreed.

The next day it was not just Shallotte and Pierce but an unknown man, tied up, who joined them. The man was caught sneaking into Shallotte mansion after stalking her for some time. Mir could not join for the tea tasting as she suddenly remembered she had to do something that day. Pierce suggested the man could be the one to taste the tea since his view would be objective.

Shallotte ripped the tape from the man’s mouth and he asked if he was still going to die. Shallotte muttered quietly as the man’s face went pale. Pierce and William were fast at showing their best points. Pierce said he had to wet the tea cup in warm water to make the tea shine. Shallotte responded that method was used for eastern tea cups and Pierce shook her off. Then William showed off his tea leaves soaking in, some water and Pierce asked if he had to squeeze the water from the leaves for his tea. The conversation kept like this between the pair.

Pierce offered his tea first. The man looked at the fluorescent liquid crying from the smell it emitted. He drank it. When demanded to give his honest opinion by all three who glared at him. He stated, “The…Then, I will be honest…! It tasted like a sewage dinosaur that grew up eating radioactivity was eaten by a corpse and what came out was turned into tea leaves and boiled in water.”

Shallotte and William laughed while Pierce raged at the comment. Soon it was William’s turn. The tea he gave the man was so black he could not see the bottom of the cup. The smell had him gagging. He held his nose to drink in one gulp. Then he was asked his opinion of the tea. “This is…like all the malice, injustice, and failure in the world was evaporated for mir days and the remaining extract was cursed by the oldest demon and made into a base…The man suddenly started saying gibberish while drooling. Ahh..No, right now..I feel good. Hahaha? Hahaha? I love you all…I love…”

William was upset the man could not enjoy his tea because of Pierce’s tea. Pierce right away claimed the man was as he was because of William’s tea. Soon the man had fell over to his side bubbles coming from his mouth. William picked him up and told Shallotte and Pierce to continue talking while he took out the trash. That man said for the last time in a low voice. “Save…no…kill me….”

Unwanted Treasure Hunt

William had no hesitation when he decided to be a butler. He does feel that someone should have warned him of those difficulties of being a butler. William was at his writing desk, which was much too large for him in his smaller body. In fact, he could not even touch the floor with his feet as he sat. William had a notebook in front of him that he always wrote in for memorable days and today was very painful. Master had not woken up yet so William decided to do chores that did not make noise, which had him doing the chore he was doing now. He was wandering the mansion gathering laundry and trash. He found a sock behind the sofa and instantly knew the other sock would be under the table. William praised himself for his abilities to pick up things easier with the smaller body. It all changed when he found ‘that’ in between the sofa cushion. He pulled at the string of cloth only to pull out something that was a big problem. William always told Mir to put underwear in the underwear basket. William’s face grew red from anger or embarrassment. He then spent his time to talk himself down that it was the young body that caused him to think about ‘that’. His day continued in this manner. He then found underwear in the kitchen, the cupboard. He was mentally exhausted at this point and he could not help but notice how they all show off its colorful splendor. As he lifted another one he could not determine if it was made of cloth or string he remembered something. Shallote was visiting and commenting on how much his master had grown and he got praise how well he raised her. Then Lady Shallote stated that Mir needed new clothes with his master following up how it does feel tight. William asked what his master meant by tight and she stated one sentence that had William tapping a hand and foot all at once. “My bra feels small.” After teasing from Shallote about being experienced in ‘that’ and ignoring his masters question on what ‘that’ was it was determined that Shallote would take his master shopping. When he found the next underwear in the refrigerator William’s mind snapped and he called out to his master. When William arrived panting at his master’s door He knocked, stated he was going in and entered the room. Mir asked William what was wrong and he stated that the sun had been up for a while, and the room he just cleaned was filthy..he was cut off by Mir asking what William held in his hand. All of a sudden that item he held felt much bigger in his hand and it was soft to the feel, he opened his hand in surprise with the offending item falling to the floor. Mir was instantly excited by the discovery and stated she had been looking for that pair all over. William simply stated she had placed it in the fridge and Mir recalled with a laugh that she went to the fridge because she was thirsty and took them off because she felt stuffy. William went red. Mir asked if he was unwell and William stated it was nothing and that it was time to get up. Mir chuckled and then asked for her underwear back with William asking why. Mir stated she needed to wear it as she wore none at the moment. William quietly and stiffly picked up the underwear and place it gently on his master’s bed. He then stated simply. “I have something to do in my room, so unless there is something urgent, do not call for me.” He then left the room stiffly. William’s face grew hot as he remembered what had passed that morning. “Then why am I writing down my reaction in this diary. This is…because my body grew younger. Yes, that’s why. He finished writing his diary to try and stop his body from getting too hot. Earnestly hoping that his body would go back to normal.”

The Biggest Crisis of a Butler's Life.

Knock knock Master, it’s me. William. I’ll be going in… Ah, Wait! …Master? His master tried to stop him urgently but William was more concerned that she sounded urgent rather than she was trying to stop him. ..I said wait! What if something had happened to you in that short time? SO, why did you try and stop me? I was changing clothes. …! He now saw that his master was turned around while trying to cover something. No matter how close we may be, showing myself changing in front of you is… I see. Yes, you are correct. While he looked like a small kid, there was an adult William inside. Seeing his master embarrassed, William left the room with a tender look on his face. I hope you have a good time. I will be downstairs. Okay! However, the reason William left the room quickly was not because of consideration or concern. …I’m sure the look on my face isn’t weird. William stood in front of the old mirror on the wall. The face of a young boy was still flushed. …Why? William made sure that his emotions would never get in the way while serving his master. But the reason why he can’t control himself…is because of this body. I didn’t think about the age of this body. Is it…puberty? The word that he hasn’t said in hundreds of years felt unfamiliar. But that was the only explanation for his vigorous reaction. He could just say he is sick if it’s only his face becoming red, but the wasn’t the only thing. …What do I do. For the first time in his life, William faced a physiological problem. I need some time to myself. However, his trouble making master always tended to call him and interfere with the chores. While it was quite inconvenient, William still felt proud of his job. But, it just wasn’t the right time. …I have no choice but to ask a favor from lady Shallotte. William quickly called Shallotte. William~! What is it? I’m sure it has to do with Mir! …Not today, Lady Shallotte. Huh? He could feel Shallotte’s interest even through the phone. You know that my master has been going on dates with all those bums, right? What~It is about Mir! No. It has to do with my honor. My master seems to need more clothes to wear outside since she only wears sweats and pajamas at home. As her butler, I want to get it perfect…But there is so much I can do as a man, so I think I need lady Shallotte’s help. You need help shopping for Mir’s clothes! Alright, of course, I’ll help! I’ll get in touch with Mir right away and find time! If it’s possible, it would be better if you can do it today. Since you actively go out al the time. Leave it to me~! With a refreshing ad cheerful answer, she hung up. William clenched his fist then felt relieved inside. It looks like I’ll have some time for myself today. And he needed to be very covert. It would be bothersome if his master asked “Time for yourself? What are you going to do?” A few moments later. Huhu, no matter how many times I see small William, it sees so strange! You won’t feel that way if you stop looking. William wanted to have his alone time as soon as possible. Due to his oblivious master, he has become too stimulated. If he doesn’t deal with it soon, he might not be able to hold it back. Then I’ll go shopping with Shallote! Please be careful, and have a great time. Okay! She went out the front gate with a bright smile and her arms around Shallote’s arms. …Finally. William quickly moved as soon as his master left his sight. Since my master went shopping with not just any person but Lady Shallote, she is going to be gone for at least a few hours. William felt a sense of shame as it wasn’t common for an adult Unholyc to be having problems regarding desire but this was all for his master. As soon as my master’s coming-of-age ceremony is over, I have to find out how to return my body back to normal. Before that….William sat down on his soft bed. The bed felt ridiculously big, but that didn’t matter right now. As he sat leaning against the headboard, it looked like the doll he slept with was looking at him. It was the rabbit doll that his master gave him for his birthday. …You should rest today as well. William turned the doll so that it would be looking at the wall and not at him. And he slowly undid his belt as he felt his body growing warmer. At that moment, he suddenly looked at the door. I didn’t latch the door…it should be fine, right? He had never locked his door. He was always on standby incase anything happened to his master, and he also enjoyed seeing his master frequently come in and out of his room. Not to mention that she went shopping with Lady Shallote. William felt at ease as he remembered seeing Pierce being dragged around as if he was being tortured. As he thought that, his body started to feel more relaxed and more excited. Soon, the heat spread throughout his body and, not only his cheeks but his whole body started to heat up. His breathing started to become a little ragged as well. Haa… The soft bed tickled William pleasantly like it was a person’s skin. As he buried his body in it, a subtle scent tickled his mind. It was the same scent of his master’s bed. When he realized that, his body became harder and his hands started to sweat. And as his mind started to become more languid, his body started to awaken and_ Augh~ What a shame! To think it would rain!! ..?!! Right when he was about to reach the climax, William opened his eyes. He heard the sound of Shallotte talking and their footsteps going up the stairs. The door…I didn’t lock..! Swing~! Liam! I’m back! As his master greeted him with a bright face, she stiffened when she saw William in the room. Liam, are you sick? The room is so hot. Why did you come back so early? I thought you went shopping. Oh, it started raining on our way and it rained so hard, we decided to come back. Just how hard is it raining. William opened his curtain and looked out the window. …It looks like the world is being split vertically. I know! Usually, we would just continue but it was just too much. As his master nodded her head, she walked closer to his bed. …!! William, who was improvising, quickly brought the blankets up and his body stiffened. Liam, are you really, okay? Well, since it’s raining this hard, you could have caught a cold while doing some chores since it got cold. You’re always working so hard because of me, right? William might have praised her for her kind words, but the situation wasn’t good right now. It was because his master was touching his body to feel his temperature with a worried look. The situation was very, very bad. Ma..master. I’m really fine. I might have believed you if you were an adult, but I don’t believe you seeing you say that while you are a kid. …You didn’t even believe me when I was an adult though. That’s true! He heard a frustrating answer, but because it came out of his masters mouth, it just seemed lovable. Is it because my body is in this state….No. I’ve always thought that way. For some reason instead of a sigh, a laugh came out. …You must be sick. Seeing you snicker like that… That’s enough. I’m fine now, so let’s go down together. We have to see Lady Shallotte off. As his master nodded her head and got up, William quickly buckled his pants under the blanket with the speed of light. Click~ ..? Liam? What was that sound? What sound are you talking about? It sounded like a click and something being locked… You must have heard wrong. Master, you must be hearing things after playing a room escape game all night last night. Ah…you could be right! And she started clapping from her butler’s intelligence, William zipped up his pants with the speed of light. Huh? What are the both of you doing in this room? It’s nothing. You should be going now. I’ll see you off at the door. Pierce must be coming soon to take you home, right? He said he was almost..hmmm? Shallote started to look around William’s room. She then gave him a meaningful smile. I see. You did say it wasn’t about Mir, but about you. I can see that. As a skilled Unholyc, there was no way Shallote wouldn’t sense William’s acme all around the room. But Shallote pretended not to know. William felt slightly thankful and escorted her. Liam? You’re walking strangely, are you okay? Hehe… …I’m fine. Liam said somberly and walked ahead. He started to pray that this ordeal ended as soon as possible.







  • William has a diary that he writes in every time a moment happens he feels he should reflect on, sad, happy or questionable.
  • William sleeps with a Rabbit Doll that Mir gave to him as a gift on his birthday.