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The owner of Megahit Entertainment.

He is not directly involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with him will not fully raise their relationship with him.


Ted is....with long black hair, black button up shirt and black pants, finished up with a pair of smart brown shoes.


Whiskeymini.png Champagne

One of Ted's wishes is to open a high-quality champagne and share it with people at Hi's wedding. But little does he know that Hi already finished this a long time ago and the liquid inside is a sad imitation of what used to be inside it.


TedLaugh.jpg Laughter

Haha, our Hi, I mean Jung Hi, is outstanding in many ways. There's nothing he can't do, dance or sing. I don't know who he looks like. Ha ha.

TedAngry.jpg Angry

If you stick to my kids for a journalist and spread false rumors...You'll find out that I'm not the one who's face looks dirty...!

TedAngry.jpg Excitement

Whoo...! This feeling...I can't make it up with the acting. I can't believe Hi is spending every day like this. I can't help but recognize him as and adult.


The arms of an angel

Ted meets Jung Hi for the first time while doing volunteer work. He worked really hard to smile more affectionately so as to not scare the kids around him. When he finally said hello to the children around him most of them ran away and some even said he was a scary man who came to take them away. Kids were now crying and ran to his wife instead while she gave him sympathetic looks. Ted was debating on how to appear more approachable to the kids and if he should lead with toys to pique their interest. This is when Jung Hi went up to him without fear and asked if he bought all the toys. They then had a long, pleasent conversation which surprised Ted since most children would be scared of him. Ted also found out that both he and Hi had the last name “Jung”. Ted asked Hi why he wasn’t scared of him to which Hi responded that Ted might be scary but he was also handsome and that was better than scary and ugly. The conversation continued with Hi stating that handsome people are nice since the main characters on tv were. Ted really liked Hi and was confused on why he wasn’t adopted yet. He felt that Hi was special and told the teacher that he would stop by often now. The teacher also told him that Hi would be adopted soon and the next time Ted visited the orphanage Hi wasn’t there. However, the other kids were no longer afraid of Ted as Hi had showed them that Ted wasn’t a bad person. Ted was moved by this, he thought of Hi constantly and even began having dreams of Hi being in his family, he was perplexed by why he felt this way since he didn’t have any intention to adopt a child.

One day, a sleep deprived Ted visited the orphanage and finally met Hi again. After talking to the teacher he found out that it was the 7th time Hi was adopted and returned. For the next few months, Ted visited the orphanage often to meet Hi and Hi continued to be adopted and returned. Hi was then removed from the adoption listed and it was decided that he would be moved to another facility. A few days before being transferred, Hi talked to Ted about feelings like getting angry and crying and whether they were a bad thing, but hid the fact that he was being transferred. Ted was really upset after Hi was transferred and that he did not know about it, he tried to control his emotions and work on his new idol group but couldn’t find what he was looking for. Ted’s wife pointed out that he already knew what he wanted after which Ted realized he wanted Hi in his group. He called the orphanage and got his new address. When Ted reached there, he was hesitant to go inside but then he heard the sound of someone sobbing. He recognized the voice and went to hug Hi, Hi continued to cry in his arms while telling him all the harsh things people had told him. Ted comforted him and they continued to hug for a while. After a few days, Ted visited Hi again. Hi was embarrassed for ruining his clothes to which Ted told him it wasn’t a problem. He also said that it was okay if Ted adopted him to which Ted said that he’s not going to. Ted told Hi that he was a amazing child and that his parent were going to come back for him one day, so he didn’t want to adopt him. Instead, he wants to train him to be an idol and in this time he can also practice being in a family with him and his wife. He promise Hi that they would show everyone how much Hi deserved to be loved and make them love him for who he is.

After some time passed,

Hi is now sending weird packages to teds office which annoys him. Ted angrily slams his hands on his desk then carefully fixed a picture frame that was about to fall. He smiled when he looked at the picture. It was the first picture Ted, his wife and Hi took together.

A retired legend

Ted is a drama actor and in the middle of a drama series the director made changes Ted was not comfortable with. So begins the love story of Ted and his wife and the beginning of Megahit Entertainment.

Daddy VS president

Ted and Boss Sol are at Ripeato having a nightcap. Ted seems distressed with packages Hi has delivered. Is it really too much? Ted feels he has disappointed Hi as he has not seen him for days. Sol congratulates him on the time off, but Ted is still not happy.