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When I take a photograph, what I'm really doing is seeking answers to things. by Wynn Bullock

Sol is one of the three main romanceable characters in 'Love Unholyc'. He is involved in the intimacy system, therefore allowing players to interact and raise their relationship with him. A tailor that works in a tailor shop called Ripeato. Though little is known about him, what is known is that he used to be a boss that led an extremely scary mafia gang. Behind his scary and blunt face lies a friendly personality. He also has a sweet tooth.


Sol is the second tallest of the user's partners, 2cm shorter than Leo. He has black hair parted on the right side of his face, and light blue eyes. He wears a navy blue waistcoat with over a white dress shirt and black trousers. His tie is black with thin, grey, diagonal lines. Sol wears black sleeve garters on both his left and right arms.

See Sol's skins here.


Cat.jpg Cat

Sol says that he basically likes all animals, but he actually loves cats the most. You can always tell by the way he talks about why cats are the best.

Ripeato.jpg Ripeato

Though Sol is physically more at ease at home, his mind is more at ease at Ripeato. After closing the door at night, he spends time looking all over Ripeato and looks upon the traces left behind by his mother and father.

Cake.jpg Cake

Sol loves all sweets, and among them, his favourite is cake. When he was young, Leo took a bite out of Sol's cake without saying anything, and almost fought him to the death. Leo only survived because Claude showed up with a brand new cake.


SolLaugh.jpg Laughter

Your voice puts me at ease as I listen to it. No, I should say it puts me in a good mood. So if you don't mind, keep talking.

SolAngry.jpg Angry

That's stupid. It's only the ones who lack mental resolve who try to solve everything by force.

SolSurprised.jpg Surprised

What? You're coming this way now? I need you to wait a minute. I mean, I need some time to prepare myself mentally. So this is how it feels to be surprised...

SolSad.jpg Sad

I don't want you to hurt your body or I don't want you to get hurt. I'll put everything down if living in a harsh enviroment bothers your mind. SO, don't cry.

SolExcit.jpg Excitement

How can you withstand this feeling? I...feel like I'm going to explode this much just by touching you...

SolVeryExcit.jpg Very Excited

No...don't come near me. I can't hold myself back so you must stay back but...if you don't, I don't have any reason to do so either. Come here.


Valentine's Day Boy

A young Sol walks up to Leo and Jung Hi who are currently discussing a competition that they'd organised. They had bet on who would receive more Valentine Day chocolates. Sol opts to not participate in the contest, claiming that the two are "pieces of trash who make a deal on [trampling over their cute and pure hearts].". Jung Hi just stays in the lead throughout the day, the two boys discussing what they have been given while Sol stays quite.

By the end of the day, Jung Hi has 31 chocolates, while Leo also has the same. The two conclude that it was a draw and that they'll have to wait for the next Valentines Day, then they notice that Sol would have usually interjected by now, scolding them for being too loud and for wanting to do it again next year. They ask why he has been quite all day, to which Sol simply mumbles that he is busy. The two then discover that Sol has been stuffing his mouth with the chocolates that he had brought to school. In total, he had eaten 40. Leo notes that while at first they believed Sol disliked Valentines Day because it is too hectic, it turns out that it is THE holiday for him. Sol also says that he enjoys giving gifts, although he has no-one to give to. The three friends make a promise to give and receive chocolates from one another on Valentines, which turns into a tradition that lasts over 10 years.

Sol's Fan Ship

The story starts of with Hi chatting with the guys while in the practice room. Aiden and Won Seok chat to Hi about who is texting and Hi mentions he hardly gets to see his friends anymore. Then they suggest to Hi about inviting them to their up and coming concert. In fact Sm's first concert. Hi calls Sol first and invites him. Sol takes the invite right away explaining that Babe and Siu can take care of Ripeato.

Sol talks with Babe and Siu about how well Hi is doing on the box charts for just starting out. Babe even suggests he could become a world star. Siu states that is thinking to far ahead and Sol jumps in stating it will be sooner than they think. He starts geeking out about checking Neotube and view counts on videos. Then goes on about the official home page and the merchandise is sold out. Then goes on about European and Chinese fans. He also states that Sm's songs are addictive and to be careful when listening to them at night. Babe and Siu interrupt his fan talk with a customer.

The day of the concert arrives. While in the breakroom for the concert Aiden, Won Seok and Hi are talking about a good looking fan in front row. He did not move or blink. Hi of course knew who it was. Hi had to comfort Aiden that Sol was enjoying the concert and moving to the beat if they looked closer. They then go back on set.

Leo and Sol in the crowd are watching. Leo is trying to talk to Sol about how good Hi is but Sol is quiet with a blushed face. Sol finally speaks about focusing on the performance and not to worry himself and told Leo to enjoy it his own way. Leo again asks if Sol is enjoying the concert. Sol's reply is simple. "Of course" He then states how he prepared all week to make it to the concert. Eating healthy food, washed frequently not to get sick, and wearing a mask to prevent sickness as well. Then Leo asks why Sol's light stick is different than his own. Sol replies, "This is a limited edition goods. You can't even buy this anymore." Sol ends it by telling Leo to use his breath to cheer for Hi more.

Father, Ripeato, and the Cat

Hi, Babe, and Sol are in Ripeato early one morning. Sol is grabbing a glove and Hi is questioning him about it. Sol states he has to feed it and leaves. Hi follows. They are both greeted by a kitten. Aka Cat. Hi calls it Mr. Han and continued to have a conversation with it as Sol looked on the scene with pity. Sol feeds cat with the conversation that Cat does not understand a thing Hi says but Hi disagrees.

Leo then joins the pair outside joining Hi in talking to that cat as though it was Mr. Han. Sol states then and there that the cat is not his father. Hi compares that cat to Sol's father with pattern even matching his old suit. Leo steps in and states that they are similar in the fact they like Sol. While inside Siu and Babe are also calling Cat Godfather. Of course the three outside overheard their voices.

That night. Sol makes a custom rush order for a customer. Sol reminisces of his father even hearing memories of his voice. He uses his fathers scissors. He finishes the project and Cat can be heard meowing. He assumed it wanted more snacks. The cat stopped him by tapping his foot several times. When Sol looked down he could have sworn the cat smiled. Sol is reminded of his father patting his shoulder for a job well done. Sol gathers Cat up in his arms hugging him as emotions spilled along with tears. Sol spent the rest of the night telling Cat many of his stories.

Ripeato's Day and Night

Ripeato is always busy in the morning. Especially when Leo and Hi's fans stop by for a visit. Babe and Siu struggle to keep the fans from blocking the actual customers.

The afternoon is no different with the appointments arriving steadily. Order pick ups, orders made, measurements taken. Siu handles it all while Babe is told by Sol to prepare for the night. This confuses customers that over hear.

Night time. Siu handles last customer. Sol tells him to lock the front door and unlock the back door. As soon as clock hit 12 the back door has a night guest. The customer was completely covered up and had a different air surrounding him. Sol takes him to a table which is different than the daytime routine. The customer has a request for Sol. The customer looks around with caution as they explain that an organization, has something and a means to transport. As the customer got more relaxed they gave more information. Sol asks what the customer would like Sol to do. The customer states he would hand over the information he had to have it properly dealt through the law. Sol asks what he would gain, stating he knew the person behind the mask stood to gain with it being dealt with. Sol requests his payment be a donation for 5 years to an orphanage of 50% profits gained from the report. Customer signed contract and rushed out.

After that, every hour the hour hand hit a number a knock rang out from the backdoor. All different customers. Some got what they requested while others were scolded. One that tried to get physical with Sol was restrained by the twins. If the customers really stepped out of line Sol would unleash punishment. The last customer just handed a package over before leaving. When inspected it was thank you letters from the orphanage and facilities they were helping. Sol tells Siu to put the important papers in the safe.

Picture and ・・・

Sol just finished reading a book on photography. Sol mumbled about his read to himself. He was confident he was talented in his picture taking. He planned to use the talent to record everything he loved and liked. Babe and Siu step in as Sol leaves talking about the book that was supposed to have been thrown out but Sol purchased another copy. Hi joins in the conversation when he arrives.

No matter what others thought of Sol's pictures, he put his heart and soul into it. Watching Sol take pictures of a blurry cat Hi and the twins talk. Leo soon joins. He soon stops and talks to Sol. He asks to see Sol's pictures. Sol takes Leo inside to show the pictures. And confused with what Sol had said Hi and the twins followed. Sol rattles off quotes from the book and explains them to Leo. Sol thanks them for looking at his work and becoming part of a process, followed by opening his album for them to view.

Leo looks and states there must be ten of thousands of pictures. Sol thinks they all enjoy his art. It is Hi that speaks first. He describes what he sees and Sol gently corrects Hi what the photo is of. Then again. While the twins are trying not to laugh. The last picture had Leo laughing. Then says he is impressed that Sol can recognize every subject in the pictures. Sol proved it buy going through more and was not just able to say who but when and where it was taken.

Leo follows up stating that pictures are indeed art, but the first and primary role is for storage and keeping records. He then states that Sol has great pictures because they serve their purpose. The Sol blushes as he compliments Leo's talent for pictures. As a customer arrived and the twins went to greet Hi and Leo moved their way out to leave space for the business Sol took one more blurry picture of 4 friends.

Sol's Taste

A chat between Sol, Leo and Hi.

Hi- "Alright now you can tell us. Seriously I've been waiting for so long I think it's about time that you tell me right??"

Leo- "Yeah!! It's about time that you told us?? 222222 Stop trying to change the subject."

Hi- "Yeah! It's about time that you told us?? 222222"

Sol- "I never tried to change the subject. It's just that before we start, I just wanted to say something."

Hi- "Alright~ Go on."

Sol- "***. Damn it. I don't know why I was swept into this stupid bet*** but... why are you guys curious about these things anyways?"

Hi- "We just are~"

Leo- "I'm curious as well hahahaha"

Sol- "..... I don't know how*** I've been lured into talking about such an embarrassing subject***"

Leo- "It's fine. It's only the three of us here hahaha"

Hi- "Ah, if we continue on like this we won't be able to finish our questions~! We'll make it easy for you Sol and ask the questions. All you have to do is answer them. Be honest and be nice."

Leo- "Good idea!"

Sol- "**Fine."

Hi- "Where do you usually do it~?"

Sol- "***Home?"

Hi- "Be more specific!"

Sol- "...On the bed."

Leo- "Bed? Hm~ So typical. Do you pull the covers over you?"

Sol- "I don't."

Hi- "What about the lights? Do you turn it off~?"

Sol- "I do."

Hi- "Why***!!"

Leo- "Lol Hi, are you mad? Hahahaha"

Hi- "No, it's just that we were creating such a great scene and he just turned off the lights***!!"

Sol- "It's not like you're going to see me do it, why would you fuss about that."

Hi- "Ah, may I come over and take a look~?"

Sol- "Only if you have a death wish."

Hi- "H***..That surprised me though Sol~ I thought since you spend most of your day in Ripeato, I was sure that you would do it in Ripeato~ But you actually hold it in until you get home~!"

Sol- "***. My employees are in Ripeato, how am I supposed to do that there."

Hi- "Huh? Why is that a problem??"

Sol- "****"

Leo- "Lol Alright, next. Which hand do you use?"

Sol- "Why is that important."

Leo- "Hm*** If I was Sol, I would use both hands. Hah"

Hi- " Lol I guess~ Boss is pretty amazing after all~!"

Sol- "***** Just be quiet and move on to the next question."

Hi- "Do you wear clothes when you do it? Or do you prefer to be naked? Or maybe you like to be partially naked??"

Sol- "***Do I really need to be that specific?"

Hi- "Hurry!!"

Sol- "**I like to be partially naked."

Leo- "So, you don't take anything off?"

Sol- "Not unless I'm planning on taking a shower."

Hi- "You don't do it in the shower then?"

Sol- "I do sometimes but like I said, the bed is my go-to spot."

Hi- "You're like a willow tree. Steadfast and unchanging***!"

Leo- "Do you watch anything when you do it? Or do you tend to imagine things?"

Sol- "I tend to imagine things."

Hi- "Which of the two senses are you more sensitive towards? SIght or hearing?"

Sol- "I think***hearing."

Hi- "So you put on some music~?"

Sol- "I don't like to listen to music that has lyrics in them. And there are times I do turn on some music but I usually listen to instrumental mustic."

Leo- "Like royalty***! Alright, that answers that. What about between sight and smell?"

Sol- "***I think both."

Hi- "Then do you have a scent that you prefer?"

Sol- "Anything other than something cool. I prefer something soft and fluffy."

Leo- "Like cotton?"

Sol- "Yeah."

Leo- "Alright. When do you usually make this kind of facial expression?"

Hi- "What. That's amazing. What is this amazing piece of art***!"

Sol- "****?! When did you take that picture***?!"

Leo- "Hehehe^^"

Hi- I imagined Sol on the bed with his light turn off and using his right hand to do what he does. Boss Sol***"

Sol- "Don't."

Leo- "Hahahahaha"

Hi- "Thanks to you, we were able to know more about you. This feels refreshing~!"

Sol- "If you got what you wanted, get lost."

Leo- "Hahahaha"

Hi- "Lol"

Leo- "Alright alright. He wants to go home as fast as possible, turn off the lights, sit on the bed but he won't be able to do that if we keep talking."

Sol- "Stop right there."

Hi- "Hahahahah"

Leo- "Lol"

Hi- "Why~ We're talking about you eating snacks at night! Very candidly!"

Leo- "Hahahaha"

Sol- "If I ever get the opertunity to get back on you guys, I won't let it slide."

Hi- "I won't stop you when you do so please do so~! I'm going to go practice now~!"

Leo- "I'm going to head out as well haha Good luck boss Sol! I hope you get off work soon!"

Sol- "***.. I'm tired***."



Sol attended school with Leo and Jung Hi. They often had competitions, with him and Leo being the most competitive. Due to his father's line of work, there were times where Sol was nearly kidnapped, eventually leading to the death of his parents.


Sol is the head tailor of Ripeato, although he used to run his father's mafia gang after he passed away.


  • Sol wants his special someone to be as sweet as his sweets
  • Valentine Day is his favourite holiday, for the chocolates.
  • Sol dislikes taking and sending selfies to others
  • Sol wishes there was a day for giving out macarons or éclairs.