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An Unholyc and friend of Mir (MC). You meet her in Season 1

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She is not directly involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with her will not fully raise their relationship with her.


Shallote has long red hair and like all Unholycs she has the body type expected of one. She wears a leopard print dress that accents this.


Leopardmini.png Leopard

Shallote always loved colorful things ever since she was young, especially a leopard. But because she loves animals, she doesn't use any real leather and sticks to artificial ones.


ShallotteLaugh.jpg Laughter

You're a bit lacking in the head department but you're still cute~! No one in the world except you can make me smile the brightly, you know? No matter how handsome and sexy the boy is!

ShallotteAngry.jpg Angry

Sigh? Did I hear that right? You're messing with my friend? I'm going to punish you big time***I guess I should make the punishment clear and obvious...but I guess you won't even be able to take it. You'll most likely die before that.

ShallotteExcite.jpg Excitement

Ha...My baby is already and adult...So hot and sweet, your acme. I wish I were your partner***. What a shame. Still, let me eat some more pretty girl.


Shallote's Hobby

The story starts off with Shallote upset she did not get her own book signing. Pierce suggests he can make it right but she tells him no. Then states that going to a fan signing is annoying anyways. Then she tells her butler Pierce she had an idea. She asked Pierce to talk to Hi to get Aiden's autograph. Pierce then make's sure that Hi is Mir's partner, then asks who Aiden is. Shallote describes him as the cutest guy in the world. Then she leave Pierce to get what she asked for.

Pierce is with Hi and Hi seems surprised that Pierce came all the way to ask him to get Aiden's autograph. Pierce begs explaining that Shallote likes Aiden a lot. Hi states he will do it but he states the request is not interesting since it is not coming from Mir. Pierce clings to Hi with a puppy face hoping to sway him. Hi then asks if that is all he needs and suggests concert tickets and whatever he requests. But Hi has a condition.

Pierce is with Shallote and he puts on a new dance video of Sm's. The he interrupts he to show Shallote an autograph and concert tickets.She is impressed Hi just handed those over. Pierce is quiet. Then states he did. Pierces jealousy shows as he asks Shallote what she likes about AIden. Shallote puts Aiden's autograph in a frame to protect it. Shallote continues fanning over the autograph.

The night of the concert. Shallote is surprised to see Boss Sol. They discuss how Sol is a real fan because of his light stick. They both agree they are well prepared. Shallote screams for Aiden and cheers for him while Sol looked at her with amusement. He was amazed that an Unhoylc that could live for eternity would we like that. And Sol thought of Mir that stayed at home and played games. Shallote screamed again as the stage lit up with fireworks.

I need materials!

Shallote was running out of ideas and was asking Pierce what she could do. She was stuck and suggested that Pierce had more experience than she did. SHe did not mind if his experience was with a man or a woman. She seems to think that Pierce would have the answer since he lived longer than she. He asks what she wants exactly. She states she wants to know his erogenous zones and fetish. What he felt when someone did it for him. Pierce closed his mouth and turned his head away. Then changes the subject. But it was almost impossible to divert Shallote from her mission. She even asks if he had ever done it at the table, or study anything away from the bed. Pierce then asks Shallote to stop asking about it and what she is planning for dinner.Pierce hurried out of the room.

Shallote continues to talk to Pierce on the subject of her writing at dinner. Asking if they should do it before dinner or during, if they should be fully naked or partially naked. Pierce changes the subject once more. But Shallote takes his words and asks if her subjects doing in the bathtub was a good idea. Pierce remains silent.

Soon Shallote is upset she had written nothing during the day. Pierce suggests she go to bed and write the following day. She seems to think she won't write next day and Pierce disagrees with her quietly. He tells her to go to bed. Not long after Pierce had shut of the lights and Shallote went to sleep he looked down at her sleepy face and spoke. "You asked me what I felt when someone did it, right?" Pierce bowed and whispered in Shallote's ear. Only the sleeping Shallote could hear him. He slowly answers all her questions from the day. Even stating the study is a great place to do it, because it is quiet and you can hear everything clearly. Shallote woke the next day excited with ideas from her dream and all the places that her subjects do it. Pierce looked on with a smile as she typed away.

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