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An idol who has recently come into the spotlight. His pleasant and a cool personality make it easy for him to approach and befriend others. Though his agency and manager try to push his sexy appeal, he loves cute and furry objects.

Leo is one of the three main romanceable characters in 'Love Unholyc'. He is involved in the intimacy system, therefore allowing players to interact and raise their relationship with him.


Leo is the tallest of the user's partners. He has long, blond hair swept up into a loose ponytail with side bangs. His eyes are a similar colour to his hair. Leo wears a black pinstripe suit.

See Leo's skins here.


Basketball.jpg Basketball

A <Lucky Basketball> that Leo always uses when he plays basketball to win a bet. After Leo said, "this is my lucky charm goddess!" as he threw the ball, he was scolded by his sisters, saying, "you shouldn't throw a girl like that!"

Naked Body.jpg Naked Body

Leo is basically naked when he is at home. Sol hates that, but Hi loves it. Leo wants his lover to share his love of nudity.

Polaroid Camera.jpg Polaroid Camera

Leo, a photo gathering enthusiast, always brings Polaroid cameras so that he can take photos anytime, anywhere. His theory is that cell phone photos are unstable because of the risk of data loss.


LeoLaugh.jpg Laughter

Everyone's asking me if something good happened to me. Do I look that way? I was only thinking about the look on your face last night.

LeoAngry.jpg Angry

Even if I'm caught in a scandal, I'm willing to deal with you for the honor of my lady!

LeoSurprise.jpg Surprised

You want it to be just the two of us? Maybe you take me for a gentleman or maybe you're expecting me to do something? I'm looking forward to it.

LeoSad.jpg Sad

Lady MC. I'm not done yet but you're asleep so fast? Hm? I really wanted to stay with you a bit longer***

LeoExcit.jpg Excitement

If you keep flinching like that, the picture is going to be blurry. My lady MC, you're a good girl, right?

LeoVeryExcite.jpg Very Excited

Ah***lady MC, I don't care about pictures anymore. I can barely take my eyes off you while you're moving like that. I can't stay still any longer.


The Transfer Student Makes an Entrance!

Leo, Siu and Sol are talking about how Babe see's Leo as a monster, even though Leo see's him as a cute little brother. Leo is confused about what makes them tremble and Sol pipes up that it was when Leo first came to the neighborhood.

Leo is introduced as a transfer student in class. The teacher places Leo beside Sol (who is not in class that day). After school Leo is talking to classmates and seems to be lost. He bumps into Babe when he turns around to regain his location. Babe starts swearing and yelling at Leo and wondering why someone from another neighborhood is loitering in his. Leo tries to explain but Babe cuts him off with more accusations. Then states he will teach Leo a lesson.

Leo takes over and tries to teach Babe manners. But Babe continues to be mouthy. Leo points out that Babe is still in preschool and Babe dislikes it threatening him before bursting out into tears. Leo is now confused. Leo tries to calm the hysterically crying Babe. when Sol shows up. Babe states to Sol that Leo beat him up. Sol challenges Leo to a duel.

One hour later. Leo and Sol are both out of breath now talking to each other. They finally exchange names and Leo recognizes it as the empty seat by his new seat. Leo laughs when he explains the coincidence. Then Leo explains the situation that started the duel in the first place. Sol finds out that Babe lied and sent him home. Leo then asks Sol not to scold him but to play basketball with him.

Back to current time they all laugh over what happened and Leo asks Sui to pass a message to Babe. "The counter is too small for his stature."

Mother's Memory

Leo is at an interview. The last question is if Leo believes in eternal love. Leo thinks back to his mother. Leo's mother is concerned that Leo forgot his lunchbox again. Claude informs her that he may have done it on purpose due to the design of his lunchbox. The pattern being pink, with a large cat and a cute ribbon on the fork. Claude explains that Leo is at a stage he wants to look cool and not be dressed up by his sisters and asked if he is a daughter.

At Leo's school during lunch time. Hi is asking for food from Leo's lunch. Sol protects Leo's lunch from Hi and Leo laughs. Sol complains his is meat and veggies and Hi is sad his is made by a chef not his mother. Hi and Sol notice that Leo does not have his cute lunch box with him this time. Jung Hi goes on a tangent of being a cute old man, cute grandpa and a cute corpse. Sol thinks Leo is trying to hide something when he laughed at Hi. Sol speaks of how he is sure Leo's mom would not give him a dreary lunch box. Leo try's to distract by asking Hi if he wants to eat.

Leo's mom meets Leo when he gets home from school. She asks how his day was and told him that she knew how hard he has been working at school and got him a gift. Leo hopes for a new lunchbox, but he is gifted with a camera. It is a polaroid that prints pictures right away. Leo asked why a camera all of a sudden, and his mother said it was to make memories and suggests a first picture right then and there. Leo is shy and does not want the pictures taken. Leo could compare the embarrassment of opening the cat lunch box as being the same as taking pictures with his mom. Because he avoided it he never saw his mom up close, how thin she was or how she struggled to hold up the camera.

In a hospital later on. Leo's mother is saying her final goodbyes to her children. Leo storms in angry. Demanding to know why she is leaving him all of a sudden. Leo's mother makes a small joke of how to chase Leo away is with a camera, and Leo states he will never run away again and he wants to take all the pictures she wants. He begs for her to stay and states it was all his fault. But she could not. Leo only had the pictures to see her smiling, even when he was not.

Back to present time and Leo answers the question on Eternal love. He says he does, but thinks that is is only after one passes away.

Sports Maniac Leo

Leo has always been good at sports. He has always had a great interest in them. It all seemed to start when he won his first award at a taekwondo tournament.

The teacher is announcing Leo's performance for a city sponsored competition. The students all congratulate him including Sol and Hi. Leo feels proud to be acknowledged by Sol, while Hi asks about being unclothed under the uniform. Then brings up Leo possibling a professional Taekwondo athlete. Leo informs his friends he is only learning the sport as a hobby and has no real intention to do it professionally.

Then Leo went on to win other awards in different sports. The next award was swimming. Again Leo confirms that it is just a hobby he learned. Hi is upset he did not learn sooner, because now he does not have to learn, because Leo can just save him.

Leo continued to win awards. Judo, jiu jitsu, fencing and many others such as soccer, baseball and basketball including MVP nominations. Leo was well known in any sport he tried. Tournaments welcomed him to compete.

Sol, Hi and Leo are chatting again about how Sol took Leo's picture, Hi cheered and Leo is shy looking at his pictures. Of course SOl had his usual picture talent of blurry blobs. Typical SOl is explaining what each blob is to Hi and Leo as they ask. Sol is a little upset that Leo can not see himself in the picture. Leo still thanks him for the picture.

Leo continues his sports and is recognized as a genius. And even as an adult he still sweeps tournaments and makes a name for himself.

Leo and Claude are chatting about dinner. Claude is writing in what appears to be a journal of the brilliance of his little brother. His main goal is to scrap all the other internet articles.

Lion and Leo

Leo and Seo Joon are chatting at a meeting. Seo Joon is trying to learn more about Leo and to gauge if he will be right for the job. Leo has already impressed him with his manners and how humble he is. Seo Joon continues to evaluate Leo. His main request is to see Leo's diary. Leo complies without a second thought.

A few days later the diary is delivered to Seo Joon. The first thing he notices is that the diary is in several protective layers, then is surprised to see it is a notebook with a cute bunny on the front. He determines Leo is an emotional model, which he sees as a good thing, but he is still surprised. He though Leo looked cool on the outside but learned he is gentle for personality. So he reads the diary.

"Year 00,0,0. Clear skies Title: I think my brother is planning something again. My brother keeps asking me about my schedule since last week. I think he's checking to see how many times I come back home. It's not even my birthday tomorrow but I don't know why he keeps checking up on me*** I'm worried because my brother always goes overboard***. I hope I'm mistaken."

"Year 00,0,0. Clear skies. Title: A new family member! He was planning something behind my back. But***my god***! To think he would get me such a big present! WHat he gave me as a gift was a new family member***! I named him on the spot. Lion. I hope he grows up to be dashing and handsome!"

"Year 00, 0, 0. Clear skies. Title: Lion is so cute! As soon as I posted a picture of Lion on my group chat, Sol and Hi went crazy. Haha, I knew this was going to happen. They asked me if they could come over and see him right away*** They also said they wanted to buy him a present so I should recommend them what to buy....Should I ask Lion? Hm***I told them they should bring a carrot since rabbits love carrots."

"Year 00, 0, 0. Raining. Title: I didn't know rabbits can be under the weather*** Since I had a full day of schedules planned ahead of me, I asked my sister to take care of Lion. But when my sister took a picture of him during the day, he looked so sad that I was surprised! I thought that is was because he missed me but***my sister said it was probably because of the rain. I love it when it rains but maybe the rabbit is too young to understand and enjoy scenery. Anyways, I told Sol and Hi that Lion loves carrots but surprisingly***he doesn't like to eat them anymore***! This is bad. He's not going to like the other alternatives too much***I better find other foods that he likes."

"Year 00, 0, 0. Clear SKies. Title: Lion is so social. Hi and SOl came over to my house as I got off from work. As soon as he saw Lion, Sol suddenly looked at me angrily. I don't know why he was acting out suddenly but he made a fuss about how I wasn't wearing any clothes. Anyways. Just in case, Sol brought many other vegetables with him. And thankfully, it seemed to perk Lion's interest. Hi***seemed more interested in the carrot that Sol brought. He was talking about how the carrot was the ideal size that he sought after***I don't know why he would be looking for a carrot. Maybe he's planning on raising one himself? Then, that's great news! MAybe Lion is going to have a friend soon."

"Year 00, 0, 0. Cloudy. Title: Lion, you're my family. I sued everyone who dared to sully my name. I won't have mercy. I can't believe why they would insult my deceased mother as well***I thought I could just let it slide but it wasn't that easy. When I came home from my schedule***Lion was there to greet me by the front door. I thought he wouldn't know I had come back home since the time I got work was different than usual but***Lion just sat there and rubbed his body against my feet. As if to comfort me***I'm going to give him great food and a fresh new hay stack today. I'll even hug him as I sleep today."

Seo Joon is surprised more that the diary has little to do with Leo and all about Lion. However it depicted what he wanted in the shoot; Love.


Leo and his manager are on set and his manager is pumping him up because he is shooting with James Rogers! Leo is concerned his manager seems a little more menacing while talking about James Rogers. His manager explains that James Rogers is threatening Leo's job as a model. Leo, however seems pleased that new models are entering the industry. He even states since James Rogers is trying for sexy he was wanting to try something new. Leo's manager disagrees.

When Leo sees him for the first time he understands why James Rogers is so popular. Leo then goes to greet him. Wanting to get to know him more. James was polite to Leo and he gets excited for the results of the shoot.

The shoot asks for natural and to talk to each other and it happens that James Rogers starts the conversation. However, the question James asks is not very nice, shocking Leo a little. The photographer likes the look it gives Leo. James pipes up that Leo does not look dreamy, but dumb. James continues to talk to Leo stating he looks dazed and deep in thought. Leo try's to defend himself and the photographer likes Leo's reaction again. Leo gets more and more upset with the words James directs to him during the shoot. The two start a rival on what the photographer wanted from the pair. The photographer is in love with what he is getting from the pair. Then he calls for a break.

Both pairs get the compliments that they matched very well together and both are very upset to hear it. James even decided that Leo was a typical Unholyc.

Leo's Taste

A chat between Sol, Leo and Hi.

Hi- "Alright Leo, it's my turn this time!

Sol- "Though I usually don't like to involve myself with conversations about these embarrassing subjects, it's payback time! We're the only people in this chat room anyways."

Leo- "I welcome any question you might have for me."

Hi- "Alright, I like your attitude Leo! First question. Do you do it a lot in the morning or at night!"

Leo- "Hm*** I think I usually do it in the morning. I have a busy schedule during the night and I rarely come back home early enough to do anything."

Sol- "I think I know what you mean."

Hi- "Then, are you loud when you do it?"

Sol- "***. You really do ask the most surprising questions."

Leo- "Hahahahahahaha It's not like I mumble or anything but*** there are times when sound does escape my lips."

Sol- "**So you'll never be able to do it outdoors."

Leo- "Wow outdoors! I never thought you would be bold enough to say something like that."

Hi- "Our Sol is all grown up***"

Sol- "Whatever, next question."

Leo- "Ask me anything! Haha."

Sol- "You like cosplaying, right?"

Leo- "Yeah I do!"

Sol- "Have you ever done it while cosplaying?"

Hi- "This is exactly the type of question I wanted***!!"

Leo- "Lol that's a bold question?!"

Sol- "Answer me."

Leo- "Well, I have indeed."

Sol- "Does it feel better when you're wearing different clothes?"

Leo- "Well, it's not that. Since we're not wearing what we wear normally, it naturally gets the mood going. Haha^^"

Sol- "***Naturally my ass;"

Hi- "I completely understand him though*** When I changed into something different during my concerts, I do feel a bit horny as well***!"

Sol- "Next question. Are you always naked at your house because you're expecting something?"

Leo- "Well, frankly, I'm naked at home because I really don't like to wear clothes indoors. But it's true that sometimes it does help me in that regard."

Hi- "So healthy, Leo!"

Leo- "Of course, Hi sensei."

Hi- "Alright, my question~ Between hard and soft things, what do you like better~?"

Leo- "Um*** hard?"

Sol- "Why? I thought you had a thing for soft and fluffy things."

Leo- "Not really lol Well, I do like them if I think about it."

Hi- "But then why did you pick hard***!!"

Leo- "That's because*** soft and fluffy usually means it has a layer of fur and if I do something on top of that, it'll be hard to get the stain out."

Hi- "Oh***"

Sol- "I see.."

Leo- "Hahahahahahaha"

Sol- "What kind of temperature do you like."

Leo- "Umm***. I think I prefer something warm than cold. Because I'm usually naked haha"

Hi- "Alright~ My question~ You love being in the water Leo~ You always go for a swim. That's because I love taking a bath~! Then you must have done it while bathing."

Leo- "Hahahaha he is pretty certain of it."

Sol- "Hah"

Hi- "Is there a bath bomb that you like to use for that occasion~?"

Leo- "Whoa hahahaha What a question. I'm not picky when it comes to bath bombs but I like it when the bath bomb turns the water blue because it makes me feel like I'm in the sea. It also feels pretty romantic hh"

Hi- "He'll be like the mermaid prince*** I guess he would look a bit like this."

Leo- "Whoa It's been a while since I saw this photo hahaha"

Sol- "You took that at the start of your debut."

Leo- "You actually remember that?!"

Hi- "Not to mention, your expression was so sexy in that photo and that's what made that photo a great hit in the industry*** But Leo, you would be able to see your face in the mirror every time you take a bath***!"

Sol- "Are you saying he does it while looking at himself?"

Leo- "What? lol I never said anything about that!! Hahaha"

Sol- "That's a relief. No wait, I think Hi didn't clarify something. Leo didn't say that he does it every single day."

Leo- "Ah, yeah that's true though. I do it every day. Yup"

Sol- "***"

Hi- "Hahahaahaha"

Leo- "Not in the bath though"

Sol- "Yeah***. It's good to be healthy***"

Leo- "Hahahahahahaha"

Hi- "Lol Alright, on to our last question~! Won Seok keeps looking at me and he's been asking me to practice with him so I can't keep slacking off anymore!"

Sol- "If he's been asking you for a while..."

Hi- "Do you mean for the whole 30 minutes~?"

Leo- "That's even before we started this conversation lol"

Hi- "That's not the point lol!"

Leo- "Hahahahahaha"

Hi- "I'm pretty sure it's uncomfortable doing it at home with Lion around. How do you do it then?"

Leo- "Lion*** usually goes out on his own."

Sol- "?!!"

Hi- "??!"

Leo- "He's never interrupted me before. Hhh"

Sol- "That's the most surprising thing I've heard today***"

Hi- "Hahahaha"

Leo- "Alright, are we done asking questions about my daily exercise routine?"

Hi- "Yeah, I guess so~ I think if I don't go and practice with Won Seok, he's going to cry soon."

Sol- "I've got a customer coming in soon as well. This was fun although it was also a waste of time."

Leo- "Lol you're not making any sense."

Sol- "I'm going to head out first."

Leo- "Alright guys, work hard~"

Hi- "Yeah, enjoy your day everyone!"



Leo attended school with Jung Hi and Sol. They often had competitions, with him and Sol being the most competitive. Leo was very sporty and successful in academics. It was near impossible to beat him at anything, a trait he has carried on into adulthood. He grew up with sisters and a brother. Most of them pursued the arts and entertainment, while his older brother pursued a career in dentistry.


Leo is a model.


  • Leo is good at identifying other people's strengths
  • Leo is a nudist