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Hi is cute, clumsy, and sexy, the trifecta qualities of what a K-pop idol should have. He skyrocketed in popularity with his dangerously sexy image. Even though he's a world star, he's a sadist and he has a hobby of collecting 'toys' and experiment with them.

Jung Hi is one of the three main romanceable characters in 'Love Unholyc'. He is involved in the intimacy system, therefore allowing players to interact and raise their relationship with him.


Jung Hi is the shortest of the user's partners. He has peach-colored, messy hair, pale skin, and soft grey eyes. His ears are decorated with black studs on the earlobe and on his left ear is a silver industrial earring. Around his neck, Hi wears a long necklace that has heart-shaped pendant along with a red and black ball gag. Attached to the neck-tight ball gag is a long leather lead which he holds.

For his shirt, Jung Hi wears a simple, loose beige pull-over that exposes his collarbone. His pants are a chocolate brown color.

See Jung Hi's skins here.


BrandN.jpg Brand N running shoes

Just like a squirrel, he loves to collect things but out of everything he has collected, he loves N brand sneakers. He once waited outside the store for four days to buy a limited edition sneakers.

Mic.jpg Mic

Although he is an idol, he always practises singing to prove that he is not just for show. He always checks the microphone that he's going to use for his performances.

Ballgag.jpg Ball Gag

He not only loves to ball gag someone else but he also loves to do it himself. The expression that Sol had on his face is hard to forget when Hi confessed he believes a girl looks beautiful with a ball in her mouth.


HiLaugh.jpg Laughter

Haha, what~you're so pitifully cute. I like you. I wonder how beautiful you'd look when you cry~?

HiAngry2.jpg Angry

Do I have to tell you that I feel bad to understand the atmosphere? Even if you cry and beg, no.

HiSurprise.jpg Surprised

What? You want to see me cry? I'm sorry, but I don't cry for the most part. I'll have a chance someday.

HiEmbar.jpg Embarrassed

Um, I wanted to see you in trouble. I'm embarrassed to hear that you're pretty like this.

HiExcite.jpg Excitement

Ahhh***! I wonder what your tears taste like...What if I get addicted? Then you'll keep crying for me...

HiVeryExcite.jpg Very Excited

That's right, just cry a little more. Don't worry about spilling it because I'll lick it for you. As expected, you're a good listener after the punishment.


Hi's Youth

Hi's Youth is the sub-story that follows Hi, Sol, and Leo's day at school. It begins with Hi's father, Ted, dropping him off at school. Ted asks about the Maths test from yesterday, which Hi dodges to avoid causing worry for his father because he has an important contract to deliver that day. During class, Jung Hi makes a bet: whoever has the lowest score in Maths treats the other two to a meal. Leo and Sol count themselves in. Leo gets the highest score with an 85/100, while Sol gets 35 which is an improvement for him. Finally, Hi receives a score of 8, beating his previous score by 1. Sol comments "Where did you get the balls to do a bet with a score like that?", to which Jung Hi light-heartedly responds "If you put it on its side, it becomes the symbol for infinite numbers."

When Hi returns home, his father is waiting for him after a successful contract. Ted pulls out a small cake with seven candles for Hi. Ted had heard that the test results came out today, and that the candles signify round where his score would be (since he got 7 previously). The cake was to celebrate. Hi lets him know that he got an 8, and Ted adds another candle, saying that "It's more important that you get better with time. Frankly, maths scores aren't really important, right?". Hi appreciated his old man's effort to comfort him and both of them were filled with happiness.

The Relationship they share

This sub-story begins with Hi's father, Ted, scolding his son for being picky on food yet again. Instead of confronting him, Hi escapes through the window.

The next scene takes place in the practice room where Hi, Aiden and Wonseock are working on a choregraphy. Hi takes a break to go to the office where something was delivered for him. Aiden takes the guess that it's one of his friend's "toys".

In the office, Hi meets again with his father who seems upset that the delivery was in his name. He ends up forbidding his son to make anymore online shopping and then goes away. Back to the training room, Aiden and Wonseock manage to guess approximately what happened and talk about how Hi and his father always fighting is worrying, and how it looks like Hi does upset Ted on purpose.

Ted meets Sol who also kind of guesses what happened : everytime they would fight, Ted would come to Repeato with a bottle of alcohol. He finally convinces Ted to go back home to his family.
Sol concludes that what you can call a "hot" relationship is one "that makes the people around suffer, but at the same time make people envy" it.

Creation of SM'S

Ted, Aiden, Won Seok and Jung Hi are all in a meeting. Ted speaks that the day is finally today and Hi asks what is meant. The boys are finally debuting. Ted is tasking them with the important task of naming their group. He suggests to come up with a name that represents themselves. Ted leaves them alone but requests it is done by nightfall.

The boy's tried to ask for more time but instead they decided to get down to the task. Aiden had hoped Ted would give them a cool name and Hi explains that Ted would never give them such a meager gift. Won Seock suggests they start by listing off all their best points. Aiden pipes up that from the years they have been together the best he could come up with is that the three of them are all perverts. Aiden then goes on to explain how Hi and himself are both an S that receives pleasure to see the pain of other people. He also ads he has more experience than Hi in that regard. Which starts a competition between Hi and Aiden over amount of people and experiences each have had. Even as far as Hi saying he has had to many partners to remember and asks Aiden if he needs more. Aiden then goes on a rant of how it is not the number but how you satisfy. Then Aiden suggests going to ask everyone else to see who is better. Both leave Won Seock to name the group.

Later Ted asked Won Seock if he thought of a name for the group. Won Seock wanted to suggest they take their sexual preferences in consideration and make themselves SM'S***but***He stated "How about we name ourselves SMS (like the phone message) because we're like everyone's boyfriend. Ted agrees since Hi and Aiden were no where to be found. Of course when they did show up they had nothing to ad and that is how Won Seock named the group.

Later their first concert and how excited the three are on stage. Won Seock wished that Aiden and Hi argued more because it was cute they kept saying they were better when they are in reality the same.

No-one Can Stop Him.

Classes end and Leo meets up with Sol. Leo is talking about how he has permission to go and prepare to be a model. Sol suggests his Brother and sisters talked beforehand. Then Sol suggests how rough he has it being with Hi and Leo all day long. Leo then pipes up that Hi has not been seen around much since he became and idol. Sol explains he hope that Hi succeeds as soon as possible. Wanting him to go on world tours. Sol then brings up Leo and being a model again. Leo said he is not sure if that is what he wants, but he really wants to keep his yellow hair. Sol ends the conversation stating he would not be in class the next day as he had something important to do for his company.

The next day Hi calls for Leo and Sol but he does not see either. He remembers why Sol is not there but has no idea why Leo is not. The Leo calls out that he was almost late for class while asking Hi how he has been. Hi then realizes Leo's face is swollen. Hi becomes agitated and demands to know who did it to him. Leo tries to calm Hi down explaining the other guy did not walk away unscathed. Jung HI is not convinced it is enough.

First break Hi does not show up.

Hi is at the other school looking for the bullies that harmed Leo. He found a rude boy with bruises all over. The bully decides to state that Leo and Hi look like girls. Hi is not impressed and calls him a piece of trash. The student then claims he will beat Hi up himself.

Second break no Hi again.

Jung Hi is fighting the student once more.

School finally ends and Leo is looking for Hi. Hi comes up to Leo and Leo wants to know where Hi has been. Hi now also has a swollen face. Hi then explains that he paid a visit to the student that hit Leo. Hi explains how worried he was for his friend to have the bruises all over. Hi claimed that what the other boy did to Leo was unforgivable and needed punishment. Leo was shocked to find out that Hi won and asked how with the size of the guy being much larger. Hi stated "Huhu, it's only natural that a human cannot beat an animal"

Hi and the Mythical Cat

Hi and Leo are talking about a storm that is on the way and they can hear it but the sky is clear. They both talk of how cool Sol and his father and mother are. Both realize that Sol is also very late for school. They decide to call Ripeato and ask the teachers after class about Sol. At the end of class no one had anything they could say and no one answered at Ripeato. Both decide to head over to Ripeato.

They get to Ripeato and see no one there and no closed sign. They meet up with Grandma that explains to the boys what happened to Sol's parents.

At the funeral they meet up with Sol. Leo and Hi cry for Sol and then Sol asked how they knew to come. Leo explained what they did, who they talked to when they realized he was not at school. Then explained how Grandma from the shoe store told them what happened. Leo suggests for HI to go and let others in the neighborhood know what happened since Sol had not done so yet.

Jung Hi spent the rest of the day doing as requested from Sol. Hi starts remembering Sol's parents and cries. When a meow took his attention. Jung Hi looks at the kitten and sees Mr.Han's suit in it's pattern. Sitting under the Ripeato door watching the rain, Jung Hi and Cat cuddle. Hi speaks how he first came to Ripeato and met Sol. Hi wonders if he was important to Sol's parents as they were important to him. The cat meows and Hi thinks that Cat agrees. They sit on the step just a little longer.

Hi's Taste

A chat between Sol, Leo and Hi.

Leo- "Alright, next is Hi's turn"

Hi- "Okay! We're going to start with the questions~!"

Leo- "Good! Hahaha First question! Left hand or right hand?"

Hi- "Which do you prefer?"

Sol- "You're starting with that?"

Leo- "Well, this is the topic we're talking about right? Hahaha!"

Hi- "I'm ambidextrous~! I usually use my right hand but when my right hand is busy, I use my left hand!"

Sol- "***Busy***with what? What do you mean?"

Hi- "Well, that has~ something to do with the ball***."

Leo- "Next question. Do you close your eyes or do you open them?"

Hi- "Open~ But I do close my eyes at the last second sometimes~"

Sol- "When you have your eyes open, is it because you want to see something?"

Hi- "Hm~ It's not like I open them to see something but I think it's more sexy with your eyes open~"

Sol- "***You're doing it on your own, why would that be more sexy?"

Hi- "It helps with the mood~!"

Leo- "Next question! Do you do it outdoors?"

Hi- "Of course~!"

Sol- "You're an animal***."

Hi- "That's true."

Sol- "It's not a compliment. But if you do it outdoors***how do you***finish?"

Hi- "In the dressing room, or the public bathroom, or the break room of our agency, or inside an empty van, or in daddy Ted's office!

Sol- "***That's a whole slew of selection you got there."

Leo- "Hahahaha, you actually do it in uncle Ted's office?"

Hi- "The sofa there is so soft I love how it feels***Personally, my favorite spot is the practice room."

Leo- "The practice room? How come?"

Hi- "It's because everything echoes in there***Even if I move a bit, the sound of my clothes rustling is multiplied."

Leo- "Hi is so different."

Hi- "Huhu***"

Sol- "I'm going to ask the next question. Do you have an attire that you prefer? Snce I'm in the tailor shop business, this might be something I could take into consideration."

Hi- "Well since I need to move my hands, I like to wear something comfortable***but there are times when I like to wear my tight stage costume. It feels good***"

Sol- "So you're just saying everything feels good;"

Hi- "Ah! I think that's true~!"

Leo- "Next question, Sol? Hehe"

Sol- "Alright, sure. You said you do it outside as well but even if you do it on your own, don't you care for the mood or the atmosphere?"

Hi- "That's a good question~! Mood is indeed important~ But! That mood you're talking about is made from your own mind and heart~!"

Leo- "Oh that sounds deep."

Hi- "Huhu*** It's true that you're not able to concentrate on your own task because there are a lot of people around you, but you can use that to your advantage as it might offer you a sense of excitement as well~"

Sol- "***So any time, any place, it doesn't matter if you're in the right mindset. Is that what you're saying?"

Hi- "It's not like you need a second person so there's no problem, right***?"

Leo- "Of course. You're just healthy, that's all."

Hi- "Right~? Do you have any more questions?"

Leo- "What position do you like? Do you prefer lying down or standing up?"

Sol- "***You guys really ask the weirdest questions."

Leo- "Answer!"

Hi- "All three~!"

Sol- "****"

Hi- "All of the positions feel good, so I don't exactly decide in my head which I like better**!"

Leo- "You sound like a saint***!"

Sol-"***You mean an animal."

Hi- "But unlike the position, there is one thing that I try to keep consistent every single time...and that is my facial expression."

Sol- "Facial expression?"

Hi- "I try to act indifferent but I know I'm extremely happy on the inside. That makes me even more excited***"

Leo- "That is *** so cool***!"

Hi- "Hi has always been cool."'

Leo- "Hahahaahahaha"

Hi- "Sol, do you have any more questions for me?!"

Sol- "Hm***, I wonder how often you do it after you've had something to drink. I remember boss Ted drinks pretty often."

Hi- "I do it after I drink but I don't do it under the influence of alcohol. I always try to remain sober. Extremely clear headed. ^^ I always try to be in control!"

Sol- "***All the things you said today, it's hard to see what you're in control of anything to be honest. But I don't want to pry so I'll just let it go."

Leo- "Hahahahaha Sol has adjusted perfectly to the conversation hahaha"

Hi- "Hahahahahaha"

Sol- "No. It's because I understand. If he doesn't focus on his inner lust, (photo) he won't be able to take pictorials like this."

Hi- "Ah~"

Leo- "My goodness***this pictorials***, is amazing***?"

Sol- "I'm just glad you're using your talent for the good of the world."

Leo- "Haahaha for the good of the world?"

Hi- "Well he does makes his fans happy so I'm not wrong~!"

Sol- "That's true. Alright, we should all start heading back now. Go."

Leo- "Lol he's ordering you hahahaha"

Hi- "Ah***! You don't have any more questions for me ***?!"

Sol- "Nope."

Leo "He's adamant hahahaha. I have some questions left but Sol isn't wrong so I'll let Hi go for today hahahaha"

Hi- "You guys***! Did my daddy hire you***!?"

Sol- "If you know the pain you put your boss through everyday, you should get going."

Hi- "Seethe You're not wrong so I guess I should go."

Leo- "hahahaha I'm going to go as well. This talk***we can continue next time hahaha"

Sol- "Yea. Thank you for telling me about your exercise routine."

Leo- "Hahaha Sol and Hi, have a nice day~"

Hi- "Okay~!"



Jung Hi attended school with Leo and Sol. They often had competitions, with Leo and Sol being the most competitive.


Jung Hi is a member of the K-pop group called 'SMS'. There are two other members of the group: Wonseock and Aiden. The three idols appear to get along and know much about each other's personal lives, such as their sexual desires, fetishes, and fantasies, so much so that Aiden refers to everyone as 'perverts'.


  • The name of his K-pop group, 'SMS', came from Wonseock. Originally, it was going to be 'SM'S', taking into consideration their sexual preferences, however Wonseock changed it to SMS (as in phone message) because they are like everyone's boyfriends as to not appease Ted.
  • Jung Hi is a Sadist