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James Rogers is the rival of Leo and the childhood friend of Mir and Shallote. You meet him in Leo's route and of course as the complete menu buttons.


James is the menu button guy. More info to come.


Locketmini.png Necklace of memory

When he was young, he was shocked to hear that his first love didn't reciprocate the feelings he had for her. So he made a talisman with the desire to overcome the curse(?). He always wears it even to this day.


JRLaugh.jpg Laughter

Haha, you've been doing a lot of crazy things ever since you were a kid, and you've made me laugh a lot, and now...I laugh when I see you. Is it because you're as cute as you were then? Or is it because you're more beautiful now?

JRAngry.jpg Angry

Unlike someone who keeps to himself even when he's angry, I just hit them and turn them inside out. Especially if it has something to do with that special someone. Do you know why I was called 'chestnut' Rogers?

JRExcite.jpg Excitement

Sigh...I was a fool to think of my childhood when I saw you. I can't believe you've grown up to be such a wonderful woman. Show me more proof that you're not a kid anymore.


Why he became a model

The first day they met

A man of excitement



James Rogers spent time with Mir and Shalote as children. There is also some history with Eater being involved. As more lore comes we will up date.


James Rogers like many Unholyc's became a model. He is the rival to Leo but they do complement each other well.