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Jung Hi Comical Endings

Follow the Rabbit (Day 11)

Aiden's Apology (Day 12)

Sol in a net (Day 13)

Jung HI Dark End

To a place where only two knows

Jung Hi Normal End

Love behind the song

Jung Hi Happy End

Eternal happy ending begins

Leo Comical Endings

The 2 Men (Day 9)

Lack of Mind (Day 13)

Timing (Day 14)

Leo Dark End

Some Eternity

Leo Normal End

My Forever

Leo Happy End

Another way to make eternity

Sol Comical Endings

I missed you (Day 11)

Too Much about Hi (Day 12)

Siu's call (Day 13)

Sol Dark End

The only one I can Have

Sol Normal End

Sol's new job

Sol Happy End

New family and a new house

Hi's After End

The two who had no choice but to meet

Chirp chirp chirp

The sunlight started to stream in through the curtains with the sound of birds chirping outside the window. However...

Jung Hi: MC, it, must, be, morning, can you, hear the, birds?

MC: Ugh..!

As if I could hear the sound of birds. Because of the sound of the bed creaking and the sound of wet skin smacking, I couldn’t hear anything else. I lifted my hands and when I placed on hand on HI’s back, and with my other hand, I tried to fix the curtain, Hi laughed.

Jung Hi:Ahhh~? It seems that it’s still night-time for MC~?

When I assertively hugged him instead of answering his body hardened.

Jung Hi: MC’s words are the truth after all. If she says it’s not morning, then it’s not~

Hi gave a low laugh then buried his face on my chest. After being bullied for hours all night, the sensitive flesh was stimulated once again, and my body started to flinch by itself. I felt like a liquid that melted completely and flowed according to Hi’s touch. On the other hand, even though hours had passed, he was still hard. Hi lowed his body so that his lips were touching my ears. Because of that, every time he moved, his rough breathing mixed with his moan would penetrate my ears.

MC: Ah, No...! Again...!

While looking at me with an ecstatic look on his face, he kissed my neck. When I felt as if I was being strangled by his intentionally forceful kiss, as if I was doing something bad, I trembled from a sense of immorality. And soon my mind went blank and my body started to tremble. And Hi’s rough movements suddenly stopped.

Jung Hi: Haa...

Hi let out a deep breath and lay down on top of my body.

Later that day, Sol and Leo had come by for a visit. They talked of the dangers of William’s tea, new business opportunities for both Sol and Leo and Jung Hi’s DVD release, 5th edition. While the four enjoyed their visit laughing and enjoying each other’s time, William was in the garden.

William, who was trimming his favourite tree, found something tied to the branch. It was a strand of beautiful and soft hair that looked like pink wool. William carefully tied it up and put it into his pocket. A few days ago, the night before Eater came. William was at a crossroads as to whether he should run away with his master or not. And someone came to visit him.

The woman, who was standing in front of William, had been hiding her face in the darkness of the night. As she said her name, the moonlight illuminated her beautiful face.

William:..The ones we face? To think I would see you...But what brings you here?

Yeon: I understand that my son is indebted to you.

William: Son? Are you? Are you, that pink-haired guy’s...!

Yeon: Pink-haired?

William:...Ah, excuse me. The alternate plan that Zenon was talking about...this must be it.

Yeon: As the ones you face, your master, well...allow me to apologize for placing an important figure of the Unholycs in a dangerous situation. To think that you would be in so much danger that you had to use your power. I am ashamed.

William:No. Thanks to you, a lot of Unholyc lives have been saved over the centuries and we, Unholycs, are indebt to you...Especially me.

Yeon: Thank you for your kind words.

William:Is the pink-haired, no, Jung Hi really of your blood...Is that right?

Yeon:Hi...I didn’t give him a name but it seems he is called Jung Hi. Yes, you are correct. He is our child.

William: But, wait. If Jung Hi...really is your son, but he is a human..

Yeon: As you know, we have done a lot to protect Unholycs from Eater over the centuries. We have interfered with Eater with much of our work. A lot of Eater’s anger is most likely directed at us. As time passed, our strength weakened...and Hi was born. Hi’s blood, which received Asmodeus’ blood and was stronger than anyone’s at that time, became a symbol of great hope to us. As a mother, over the fate of the Unholycs...I chose Hi. I was certain that Eater was going to sense Hi’s presence as Hi grew older and stronger. It was possible that in order to end us, the ones you face, or become even stronger. He would come to consume Hi. My power can darken things. Because it resembles a setting sun, they call it twilight as well. Like a setting sun, I completely darkened Hi’s Unholyc abilities.

William: Do you know what kind of life Hi had?

Yeon: I know. While my husband and I never been by Hi’s side, but we never left him completely. But we were hiding him from incredible danger that is Eater. So we couldn’t protect him from other sadness and suffering.

William:...If Master MC was in a similar situation, then it’s possible I would have done the same thing...

Yeon: I tried to make him live a life without Eater, but it seems that he ended up having to face him after meeting your master. That is why I came here planning to risk my life if my child was in danger. But I think that won’t be necessary. That child isn’t a “child” anymore. I feel a power that I have never felt even among us, the ones you face. It seems that, until the end, he grew up without my help. I feel...disqualified as a parent.

William:...Don’t say those words. That sacrifice of yours has saved so many people.

Yeon: One who protects miracles and hides calamities. Your master is going to be safe tomorrow. As it is said by the leader of the ones you face, you can believe in it.

William:If that’s the case...

Yeon: You can be at ease, so make sure to protect the weak and good-natured humans around them instead. That will end up protecting your master as well. We usually keep ourselves hidden, but it seems that our conversation has....I shall take my leave now.

William: Wa...Wait. If Jung Hi is safe, then see him before you leave. While I may not like Jung Hi...I can’t not tell him that his parent, who he hasn’t seen for so long came here.....No, Jung Hi really needs to see you.

Yeon: Thank you, William. But right now I am not HI’s parent. And from now on, so that Hi will not face any danger at all, I will not appear in front of Hi again. Just like I did until now.

William:...I understand. I will respect the opinion of those who dedicated their lives to stop Eater.

Yeon: The, I’ll be going.

William: Wait....Are there any last words you want to say?

Yeon: Then...I’ll leave my son in your care. Please take good care of my child as long as he is by your master’s side.

William:....Doesn’t that just mean forever.

William slowly started to trim the tree again. While he was suddenly responsible for two Unholycs, he accepted it as fate.

William:...Right. What difference does it make that there’s one more.

William laughed slightly.

William:..I should serve him the black tea that I’ve been specifically saving.

A determined William went back inside the mansion.

Leo's After End

The most valuable mediocrity

Leo and MC are woken up by a phone call for an unexpected meeting. Leo takes MC with him to the meeting spot. Mc is invited to lunch with Leo and MC teases him about the Strawberry dessert place. While the pair teased each other, James Rogers arrived to the same location. Followed shortly by Seojoon the photographer. The meeting was quick and right to the point of Seojoon using both models for his project. James Rogers starts to say he will battle with Leo once more when Seojoon leaves. Leo teases MC with a kiss on the cheek in front of James Rogers claiming he already won.

A few weeks later...

Babe: Ohh!! It’s finally out! It’s Hi hyungnim’s radio broadcast!

Siu: If you guys keep talking like that, we won’t be able to hear what Hi hyungim has to say!

Both of them concentrated on the radio blasting in the store.

Jung Hi: Hihi, this is Jung Hi~! Hello, everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the radio. In order to commemorate my recent self-composed song, I’m going to be a DJ for today! Huhu, I’ve been sweeping all the charts with my song recently~! I’m so glad that you all love my song but***actually, this song is based on the true story of the people I love very much! SO that makes me even happier~ I hope they’re listening to this song, this song as well, and with that, we’ll start the day with this song. We’ll listen to Unholyc Night, Black Sabbath. Just as the prelude of the song was about to start. Ring~

Babe: Oh, we have a customer!

Siu: Welcome, oh***? Hyungnim!

Claude: I had a suit custom made from this shop and I heard it was finished. I came over to get it.

Babe: Hahaha! Yes, Hyungnim! The suit is beautifully done! Please wait here a moment!

Claude: You can turn up the radio a little louder, Siu.

Siu:Sol wanted to greet you in person, but he’s not here.

Claude: It’s okay. You’re busy these days, aren’t you?

Siu: Don’t even mention it. Thanks to Leo Hyungnim’s collaboration pictorial with Ripeato, Sol is barely getting enough sleep as it is. Even though we are a reservation only store, we’re always booked to the max every single day. Photographer Seojoon is pretty amazing***

Claude: Or it’s Leo who is amazing.

Siu: Ah***yes, yes! Of course***

Siu: By the way, are you trying for a new position or something? You got a custom-made piece after all.

Claude: I was thinking about it so I prepared it in advance.

Babe:...but from what I remember, they don’t have any wedding plans yet.....

Siu:...Claude always thinks about ten steps ahead of Leo...

Though they were both thinking the same thing, they didn’t dare speak out loud. As Claude left the store, Hi’s song came to a close. Hi read the next story. Another guest came into Ripeato. Time passed equally everywhere including Leo and MC’s. And it will continue to do so. The two of them will always be on the same page, looking at the same goal. Forever and ever.

Sol's After End

The most devoted butler

Early in the morning. I got dressed to go out for the first time in a while and I went down to the living room.

William: Why do you look so grim?

MC: the day I’m going to meet Peipei.

William: Why are you meeting the continental dragon?

Sol: Today is the end, the contract is officially over, so I’m going to personally meet her.

William: Contract? Then that should be about Ripeato, so why is Master MC going there?

Sol: ? Isn’t it obvious? She is my owner now.

MC: Hehe...

William:...Please hurry and leave.

William had a big frown on his face and opened the door himself. Sol and I left the house while holding hands.

The first order when they all met at Ripeato was the contracts of course. First up was Jung HI. His contract was for bringing Peipei here from the other side of the world. His contract consisted of 20 commercials, 5 variety shows and 2 movie cameos. Peipei verified that Jung Hi completed his part of the contract and considered it closed. Following Jung Hi was Leo. Leo’s contract was for the use of Peipei’s men. His contract also at the time it was made was for a later price to be determined as there was no cost readily available. Leo agreed that was correct. Peipei then told Leo he will be expected to accept a contract for an advertisement shortly, without pay. Leo agreed and his contract was considered finished. Next was Sol. Sol’s was made verbally at the time, so now Peipei handed official documents for Sol to sign. His price was to hand the ownership over to Peipei. Sol signed without regret. Peipei surprised Sol with a director role, more in name than actual job.

While Sol was packing his belongings and organising the ownership MC was waiting downstairs with Siu. Siu took the time to talk with MC. He wished for MC and Sol happiness and then presented MC with a gift. A white flower made of cloth and lace. He told MC it was a boutonniere and it was for when MC and Sol get married. MC was to give it to Sol to wear.

(Back at home in MC room)

MC: Ahhhh~! I don’t think I did much but I’m so tired!

I flopped on my bed the moment I got home and Sol sat down next to me and took my socks off with a smile.

Sol:No, you did a lot. Didn’t you carry my things with me. I didn’t expect you to carry three boxes at once...

MC: Haha, I was surprised too! I feel stronger after becoming a proper Unholyc!

When I laughed out loud, Sol laughed with me.

MC:Oh, look at this! Siu gave me a gift!


Sol got slightly surprised when I pulled out a white flower from my pocket.

MC: He said it’s a boutonniere. He gave it to me as a gift so I can place it on your chest later! Isn’t it pretty!

Sol:..I see. What a thoughtful gift.

After he said that, Sol strangely placed the flower behind my ear.

MC: Oh? No. This is Sol’s...

Sol:This flower is actually an item from Ripeato that’s used as a hair accessory for the bride.

MC: Oh...? But I’m sure he said it was a boutonniere...

Sol: If that’s what Siu said the that’s what it is. He seems to have changed the shape a bit.

Sol smiled kindly. He then gently massaged my bare legs after he took off my socks.

Sol: You said you were tired, right? I’ll give you a massage.

MC: Ah, no. You’re more tire...Ugh....

Sol: I’m okay.

Sol was right. While I did become stronger after the coming-of-age ceremony, Sol gained a ridiculous amount of stamina after becoming an Unholyc. Because of that, every moment we spent together felt like I was in a whirlwind of acme.

Sol: MC, I have to gather up the laundry, so you don’t mind if I pick them up now, right?

As Sol said that, he started to remove my other clothes. The moonlight came into my room through the curtain, that Sol made himself, and it lit up Sol. Every time Sol removed a piece of clothing, he would place his lips on the exposed area. Because of that, there was a red mark on my ankle, thigh and, lower part of my belly.

Sol: Siu really thought it through. Rather than a white flower, a red flower matches you more.

MC: Are you jealous...?

Sol: Of course.

Sol said with his lips still on my thigh. Because of that, I felt the trace of his hot tongue, and it made me lift my hips. At some point, Sol never hesitated when he would express his feelings.

Sol: You...seem to have gotten really close with Peipei.

Sol asked as he moved his lips up past my thigh.

Sol: I don’t like it that you’re close with Peipei.

MC: ...Are you jealous of Peipei?

Sol: She also had a lot of female followers.

MC: And you never had feelings for Peipei?

Sol: Because my feelings were yours. From the beginning.

Sol kept saying beautiful words while continuously moving his lips around making wet sounds.

Sol: Of course, it’s not only my feelings that are yours.

Sol looked at me while narrowing his eyes like a cat.

MC: Show me. I need to know from where to where.

Sol: If that’s what my owner commands, then as you wish.

When he got up and was sitting on top of me, I was stuck between his legs. Under the blue moonlight, he took off his white shirt without hesitation.

Sol: From here.

With the sound of a click, I heard the sound of an iron clasp being loosened. And soon his waist started smoothly touching my thigh.

Sol: To here. All of this, is my owner’s.

MC: Then give it all to me.

When I extended both my arms, his body came down to me. His lips, which only said praiseworthy words, took my breath away and his firm hands, which always protected me, gently stroked my body that is felt ticklish. No matter how many nights we spent and no matter how many confessions I received, he never got tired or cooled down. Like the hottest blue flame, he continued to burn. I was certain that he was my forever, and this heat was going to last while we were together. Doused with happiness, I started to consume his hot body and mind rushing toward me. That is how one of our many nights, that we were going to have forever, started.