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Valentines 2021

Valentines 2021

Jung Hi: The Gift in the Deepest

Leo: Valentine's for Adults

Sol: The reason why chocolate is lovely

2021 April Fool's Day

April Fools Prolog 2021

SHallotte Route 2021

Shallote Route

Shallote Route
Time Chatroom Name Participants Type Event
09:21 Can I borrow your today? Shallote Chatroom
10:48 No wonder I feel Uneasy Pierce Chatroom
12:01 Familiar characters Shallote Chatroom
13:18 Date, SHall we? James Rogers Chatroom
14:56 A bad supposition Shallote Chatroom
16:32 Busted! One-sided love! Pierce Chatroom
17:44 Two people and an observer William Chatroom
19:00 I hope it helps. Zenon Chatroom
21:24 Pierce must be crazy! Shallote Chatroom
22:59 I'm done with the idea Shallote Chatroom
(Happy Ending) Real Love Outside the novel Shallote


(Dark End) Repeat mark of unrequited love Shallote Chatroom