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Claude is Leo's brother. Though he is not on the romance side, he is involved with the story as early as Season 1.


He is not directly involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with him will not fully raise their relationship with him.


Claude is a well dressed dentist and Leo's older brother. He wears a long coat over a white button up shirt, tucked neatly into a pair of black pants.


Toothbrushmini.png Toothbrush and toothpaste

Although claude loves his little brother to death, there are times when he can't stand him either and that is when he doesn't brush his teeth after eating. To over come this, Claude has come up with a game where he locks Leo's head with his arms and forces him to play the 'brushing game'.


ClaudeLaugh.jpg Laughter

Huhu, SNS is very convenient. I can't believe Leo posted his picture on his own without asking or asking me to. It's easy to be happy.

ClaudeAngry.jpg Angry

My brother owes you, right? He's busy so I'm here instead. I'll return double of what you did to my little brother. Don't worry about breaking your teeth. I happen to be a dentist.

ClaudeExcite.jpg Excitement

Um...! I feel so hot...My heart rate and body temperature are rising, but***as a doctor, these all seem to be normal. I'd rather...enjoy it more.


Claude's daily routine

Claude works at his dentist office. The nurses show him great respect for how professional he is, but they also know many of the patients visit just to speak to Claude. He is in the middle of being asked once more if he was interested in getting married or dating from a client when his phone goes off. He stops the client and states his alarm went off, turns the alarm off and promptly calls someone. People notice his voice turns sweet and soft towards the person on the other end. It was then realized by the client he already had a girlfriend. The nurses tsked as if seeing these scenes many times before.

Next Claude is at a broadcast studio. The producer explained to Claude what he was to do and he smiled stating he would do his best. After filming the producer was very happy and had a hunch the show would do very well. Claude perks his ears up when Leo’s name gets mentioned during the staff rumour chat. The producer then approached Claude and asked if he was interested in dating. Once more Claude’s phone goes off and he explains he had to made a quick call. Claude calls the one on the other side an affectionate nickname. The staff and producer all knew that their ideas would not happen with the sweet voice Claude had. The talk was wondering about his girlfriend or wife on the other line.

A few hours later Claude arrives at Ripeato where a party was being held. Chatting with expensively dressed people. Claude was welcomed and the guests happy he was able to make it. Claude spoke to the folks in the room asking what they wanted to speak about. The young president started to speak of a young girl, then the president of doctors interrupted him about meeting his sister, and other spoke up about a niece, soon many joined in. Claude was about to interrupt when his phone went off again. He then stated he needed to make an urgent call. He starts speaking once more to someone with love and affection. He excused himself and walked out of Ripeato. The men left behind are all surprised he was in a relationship already.

Leo – Yeah, I’m off tomorrow. I have a car too so why would I go drive with you***? By the way, aren’t you extremely busy? Why are you calling me three times a day? Aren’t you giving me way too much of your time?

Claude – You’re my lovely little brother. I’ll give you all the time I have. I was going to call you 6 times so that means I still have three left.

Leo – Don’t joke around***! And stop calling me! People think I’m in a relationship!

His anger

Baby and I





Claude is a well known dentist.