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"Ahhhhhh! Hi, he's just so cute.

I even think he's so sexy when he's angry.

To think I still had things I didn't know about him…!

Sujee is a character that shows up during your chats in Day 2+. She's involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with her will raise relationship intimacy with the main characters depending on your answer.


Sujee has brown hair tied up into a messy bun. Her eyes are a similar colour to her hair. Her eyes are narrow and relaxed. Sujee likes to wear her blue stripped dress with a pink bag over her dress. She wears black heeled shoes.


Character Level

Close Acquaintances

CheeringStick.jpg Cheering stick

The light stick of SM'S, an idol group that Hi belongs to. However, this light stick is the only one in the world that Hi kissed and gave back after receiving it from a fan during a concert. Sujee found the fan who was holding onto it and paid a huge sum to get her hands on it.


SuieeLaugh.png Laughter

Ah! Hi's new album, Hi's new pictorial, Hi's new stage! I'm glad you're alive! It's time to buy new clothes, so I'm going to buy the same clothes so I can wear them in a couple look with Hi! He'll love it, right?

SujeeAngry.png Angry

Hmph! You don't know anything...! I'm the only fan in the world who knows the true image of Hi behind the stage! Hmph! How dare you ignore me? You don't even understand who Hi is! So pitiful!

SujeeExcite.png Excitement

Ahhhhhh! Hi, he's just so cute. I even think he's so sexy when he's angry. To think I still had things I didn't know about him***!


Information on Hi

"00th, 00th, Sunny Yesterday was Hi's first year anniversary since he made his idol debut. The long-awaited first year anniversary! I wanted to spend some time alone with him but...I couldn't***" Sujee booked a whole restaurant for the year anniversary to celebrate. Sujee suggests Hi order a steak. Hi tells Sujee he has a schedule booked for that day. She is surprised to hear there is a one-year anniversary concert and that Hi will be busy for a while. Hi states he will make time later on and then they can invite everyone over for a party. Sujee then states her appointment with Hi was cute short due to Sol and Leo. Hi was saying their names so she decided it was their fault. She then became happy when she thought of how sorry Hi was to cut it short. And she states "I'm the only one who ever saw that side of Hi!" A few days later the first anniversary SNS guerilla live broadcast was held. Sujee complained she could hardly see Hi's face because of all the children's thumbs up. She claims it is pathetic and know's Hi knew she was watching. She knows that Hi was smiling for only her. She also knows that Hi is only replying to other messages because it is for the image of the group. She also noticed some of the IDs were people that cursed Hi during the debut and gets mad they are sucking up to him now. Of course Hi does not know that they did that and is only taking care of his fans because that is what he does. "I don't know how such an angel could exist in this world." Sujee then goes on to talk about Aiden and Won Seok. Claiming they are not good looking, bad at dancing and singing. Then wonders how they even became part of SMS.Then wonders how Ted chose two ugly and horrible people. Then she decides that if it was not for those two HI would be even more famous. Hi was upset when Sujee told Hi her thoughts on this. However it made her happy because she never saw Hi that angry before. Sujee then thinks of making other fans jealous. If she had only asked in about her hand made lunch in front of them all. Then remembers Hi gave it to Aiden because he was hungry. Hi is speaking of how socks keep going missing. First Aiden's and now Won Seock's socks. Keeping her thoughts to herself she was sure that the socks were Hi's. At least she learned that she is Hi's one and only friend***

Information on Sol

"Month, day 00, cloudy Hi got a new suit at Ripeato today. He was bragging about it but I felt a bit bitter. Hi was finally able to take a day off from work. So I was planning to watch a movie with him***but he rejected me because he said he was busy with the suit. Of course, Hi refused very politely and so that was exciting in it's own way, but***! He could have gotten a suit anywhere! Why! Why does he have to go to that scary place? Sol's family have been running Ripeato for generations, starting from his grandfather. Though it sounds like a pretty cool store, the problem is... ...that the shop isn't just an ordinary tailor shop. What's even more shocking is that the people on the street know about it but still appreciate Ripeato. Have they all gone mad...? Is it stockholm syndrome, or something like that? How do you even begin to trust people who've once had ties to the underworld***That fact alone was reason enough to stay away from Sol and Ripeato. And another fact to pay attention to here. Like I just said...Ripeato is a shop that has been going on for generations. Doesn't that mean that Sol. SOl's father and SOl's grandfather were all members of the organization? They were a thug family. It's not like one member decided to try another line of business***!

Not only the girls but also the boys couldn't talk to Sol easily.It's because he always gave off that cold-looking impression. Sol only acted nice once a year. And that was on Valentine's Day, where he could eat a lot of sweets. It was actually a day that I could never understand. Who the hell was giving so much chocolate to Sol...? Maybe it's because they are scared of Sol and they are trying to bribe him. Or...Yeah! Maybe it's because Hi is way to nice...he must have filled your quota for you**! I knew it...Hi is too considerate...! But there were no events like Valentine's Day after graduating from school...

So Sol was in the cold-blooded state 365 days a year. One of the customers of Ripeato saw Sol and said he looked like a doll. I think he was trying to say how emotionless and callous he looked. Actually, when we talk about Sol and Ripeato, I can't leave out Sol's father. Sol's father died when he was young. It was before I met him. When I first heard that, I almost felt compassion for his poor family history, but...After I realized what his father got himself into, I didn't feel anything towards him anymore. He was living in a dangerous world, hanging out with dangerous people, and he finally got what was coming to him*** Worse of all, that was inherited...It's no wonder I don't like Ripeato since a person like that is running it. Besides...the employees working there look really scary as well!! Well, they don't look ugly but***the aura or mood around them***It's too threatening.

So I don't want to go to that kind of place...Hi said this is a shop run by a friend. So whenever he has the time, he stops by. Friends...! Why do you keep looking for other people when you have a friend like me? Seriously, I don't like it. Of course, I'm not talking about Hi. I'm talking about SOl. My goal is to show Hi how dirty and deceitful Sol is. Yup, that's what I'll do. How dare Hi call someone like him a friend!! He won't have to go to Ripeato anymore!!

I once went to Ripeato to pick up the stuff Hi left behind at his request. I didn't want to call in advance since I didn't really want to talk to Sol but when I was heading over***I saw a person being dragged in front of Ripeato and he was beaten to a pulp. And the person who was dragging the guy***was none other than Sol himself***!! The staff were there with him too. Yeah, that's what they said. Big-brother, we're sorry to make you come forward and deal with him. That's what they said!! What did they mean by 'big-brother'? Who calls the boss that way? Furthermore, the man who was being dragged by Sol was known to cause trouble in the neighborhood. I've heard that he's been to prison for beating people several times. But he had beaten the man senseless and was dragging him away***! That means Sol is scarier than he is...!!

Hi is a pure and innocent child...he'll be tainted by the darkness. But he doesn't even know how I feel...And he went to Ripeato again! And got a new suit!! He should have brought me with him! Or maybe you could have told me you're gonna get a suit! Then, I would have recommended other good tailor shops besides Ripeato!! Sol, he didn't do anything to Hi, did he? Maybe he's been threatening Hi while taking measurements..!!! Maybe he was scaring Hi with sharp scissors..!

He doesn't know how upset I get whenever he does that. So I decided. Let's show Hi who he really is so that Hi can pull him away!! I'm trying to find out more about Sol in order to do that***but it's not as easy as I thought. So I decided to become a schedule agent for the three people.

By the way...the owners of the nearby stores even say that Sol is the guardian of the village. Do they even know what 'guardian' means? He's a threat! At this point, I had no doubt in my mind. Sol was deceiving the villagers and running Ripeato to do his bidding. He's using Ripeato in order to cover up his dark and shady dealings***! Innocent Hi doesn't know anything...That's why you're saying he's your "friend"! How naive! That's why I need to catch him doing something bad. And then I'll have to reveal everything to Hi. It may be cruel and it may end up breaking Hi's heart but***everything I do is for him.***but I don't have anything yet. I've got nothing on him***

Oh, that's right. I got caught once while I was trying to gather intel about Sol. I was so scared that I almost fainted. I bet he knew that I was Hi's friend but even so he kept asking me who I was and why I was trying to dig up dirt on big-brother Sol*** He kept trying to bully me***!! I was so scared. Ever since then, I've been more careful in my approach. I can't give up after all I've been through!!Just you wait! I'm going to humiliate you! Hi will never come back to you again!!"

Information on Leo

"00th of 00th of 00th, raining I don't feel so good today. Because Leo posted a selfie on our group chat. I don't know why he even bothers to post his ugly face on our chat but***maybe it's because Hi keeps complimenting how good he looks***that's probably why he keeps posting it. I think Hi is much more handsome than he can ever dream to be!! I'm certain that it's because Hi keeps complimenting him that Leo keeps posting his selfies. I once asked Hi why he reacts to Leo's selfie the way he does*** 'Yes~? Because I feel great when I see such a handsome guy~!' Is what he said. His answer was so strange. It's so obvious that Hi is much more handsome than Leo! But why is he saying something like that*** But since Hi acted like he loved Leo's selfie, I had no choice but to pretend I did as well. And pretending to like Leo's picture was much harder than I thought. I don't know what Hi thinks of me since I always say good things to him but Leo always smiles at me. I don't like his face. He's not even as handsome as Hi! But it's not like he talks to me directly so***I guess***I'm just saying that I don't understand what he wants from me! On top of it all, the smile that he shows me is full of happiness!! He laughs at me and then he immediately does the same smile when another girls says hi to him. I thought that maybe he's just a playboy but he just smiles and nothing more. Seriously. I just don't get what he's up to. Ah, I don't know and I don't care. Maybe he's secretly jealous of Hi since Hi is better looking and better off than he is..! Well, it makes sense! Hi is very handsome after all! Anyone would be jealous of him. And he's in good shape too!! Speaking of which...

Leo loves nudity. He's a pervert who loves to show other his skin. When was it again? I was with Leo, Sol and Hi. The four of us gathered on that day. We were going to meet up at Leo's house so Sol and I headed over. I wanted to go with Hi, but...Hi was just too busy so I couldn't go with him. He arrived late on that day too. Anyways, that's not the point! So I arrived at Leo's house with Sol and we knocked on the door...! Leo didn't have anything over his top. You think that's all he was doing? All he had on was a pair of boxers. He was greeting us at the door like that***! I screamed without realizing what I was doing after I saw a naked man by the door. Sol yelled at him to get dressed. That's how it all went down.

Leo, he seems like the type to enjoy showing others what he's got. Or his actions make no sense. Heading to Leo's house again to get Hi's concert tickets. 'Excuse me!' I yelled to make my presence known before I entered but***!

Sol "What brings you here? Wait, Leo!"

Leo "Is Sujee here? Wait a minute. Sol, uh..."

I saw Leo was rolling on the floor with SOl. I screamed again. Seeing Leo take off his top and ambush Sol made me hate him even more. I can't let someone like him near Hi. Someone heard my scream and called police***and that lead the police coming over to Leo's house. Thanks to him I couldn't make it to the concert hall. Though I was worried Hi would be disappointed***Far from being disappointed, he just laughed out loud. I was extremely angry since I couldn't go to his concert. I wanted to explode. I could barely control my anger but...Hi looked so happy that I had to put up with it. Whatever!

I've come to the conclusion that Leo isn't a great guy to be around. What does Hi even like about that guy anyways? I don't know why he bothers to react to each and every one of his photos***! No matter how many times I think about it, Hi is just way too nice. Yes, Hi must be an angel sent from heaven.





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