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Aiden is one of the three members of the K-pop group 'SMS' in 'Love Unholyc'.

He is not directly involved in the intimacy system, therefore interacting with him will not fully raise their relationship with him.


Aiden is...


Whipmini.png Whip

Out of everything he has, his favorite is the whip. He talked about it for 30 minutes in an interview on how the whip feels so unique before he was dragged out of the interview by boss Ted.


AidenLaugh.jpg Laughter

Hahaha~! You think I'm so cute? Haha, you're not wrong, but since you only know my cute side, you must be a new fan! You'll see many different sides of me in the future. Nice to meet you!

AidenAngry.jpg Angry

Ha...why is the new manager so slow? Do you really want me to scold you? Ah~I wanted to be cute and kind idol when I'm out of my bed but I can't help it...get on your knees now.

AidenExcite.jpg Excitement

Mm-hmm? Do you want to play with me know? All right, that looks like fun! But when you play with me, there's one important rule...It's me who decides how to play.


A boy opens his eyes.

Aiden likes violence(?)

Night after night







  • The name of his K-pop group, 'SMS', came from Wonseock. Originally, it was going to be 'SM'S', taking into consideration their sexual preferences, however Wonseock changed it to SMS (as in phone message) because they are like everyone's boyfriends as to not appease Ted.